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Posted On 29-04-2018 At 01:52 PM

Tarun Jain ( Admin )
REF ID : 31234
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Hello all,
Gofresher has been helping with free of cost placement of job seekers for past 5 years now.
I have seen that most candidates face the issue of not receiving any interview call even though they apply constantly for so many jobs.

You guys try uploading your resumes on various professional national job portals but get calls from consultancies and fake recruiters only. To resolve this issue, I have collaborated with a team of professional resume development writers who have years of recruitment and consulting experience as well. We will develop your resume keeping in mind what suits your profile best. We make sure that your profile gets increased hits from genuine recruiters on top job sites. You will get a professionally styled and developed resume that will increase your chances of getting shortlisted both online and offline while meeting latest industry standards. We will help bring out your best skills and strenghts that will catch the eyes of a recruiter and make you stand out of the crowd by beating the competetion. We keep in mind that from time to time you need to make small changes to your resume. We make sure that you can easily edit your resume too from your end.You can also consult with our team free of cost before making those changes.

Our education system does not teach a student about how to fetch a job related to his profile nor do they understand that each individual is unique and has different caliber. Candidates do not have an idea about what they should be studying in order to become industry ready and get a job for themselves. All five fingers in a hand can never be equal but each finger serves its purposes differently. Each has its own importance and is necessary. That is why they are present in the hand. Similarly you are different and unique & we try to enhance your profile in similar manner by writing a short , precise and informative resume for you guys. Each and every resume is made profile and domain specific so that you get calls for job interviews which you are targeting rather than from elsewhere.

You can submit your request for resume development here :

I aim to provide our services at best price in market and make it affordable for all. Your resume is being made by highly qualified trained professionals who have agreed to work at basic price for you in name of community service. Kindly check the prices of similar services on top job portals and be the judge. We do not compromise with quality of work as this service means nothing if it does not fulfil its purpose. I started this group with a soul aim of helping all job seekers. Your feedback and suggestions mean a lot otherwise there is no aim to the service that I am trying to provide to all job seekers. You can message me back whenever you want for a detailed discussion related to these services.
My email :

Many of you have got your resume made from us.
You can connect with them here :

You can join my group for guidance and to discuss more about our services with me in detail.