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TCS Preparation : MR Round Experiences Of Candidates + Questions Asked In INterview

Posted On 04-02-2018 At 10:42 AM

Tarun Jain ( Admin )
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TCS MR Round Candidate Experiences. Prepare from here.

Learn from experience of other candidates and how they tackled MR round.. Questions included.


Candidate 1

In MR round they ask normal questions like:
what is your goal (entire life)??
Tell me something about yourself that is interesting and you haven’t told me yet.
little bit of technical (normal oops concept)
Academic Achievements
Your role in your projects.
If one of your colleague is not working. then how will you encourage him??
If there is a dispute between team lead and software developer. Then as a manager to whom will you give favor. or how will you resolve that dispute.
Your academic scores, (if they are low, than why so)..
Why should I hire you??????


Candidate 2

Thanks for A2A,

I’ll tell you what happened with me in MR.

My TR (Technical) was somewhat good. He sent me for MR just for my positive attitude and wished me luck with different smile. I guessed something is going to be different in MR.

Little background before MR. It was my campus placement and that guy was our alumni. I was somewhat relaxed knowing this. I did few self projects in java that showed my interest in coding. Few of them were Desktop apps and few were web applications. This made my CV stand-out and quite noticeable.

So, My turn for MR came. I entered into the room with smile. Interviewer seemed rude asked me to sit with accepting my smile. He started going through my CV. No technical questions. After going through all my CV he, with very heavy voice, “So, you have done all these projects by yourself? Haven’t you copied code from Internet?”

I, with assertion but maintaining politeness in the voice said “No Sir, I did all by myself!”

He raised his eyebrows and started shouting, “You are a lair. You have copied every project on this CV from internet. How dare you saying that you have done this.”

I, still maintaining my cool, “Sir, you can assume whatever you want but I did them and you can ask questions on every level regarding these projects, be it technology, be idea or anything.”

He still didn’t give-up. Inclining towards me on the table. He waved my CV on my face and looking into my eyes he said, “This means nothing. These projects are useless. Nobody makes desktop apps now-a-days, plus you are lying about these.”

He was able to defame my confidence up-to some level by waving my CV on my face. I still tried to be calm and said, “Sir, that totally depends on the need and you can’t say they are not popular. Yes web apps are more popular, I agree on this.”

Finally he smiled quite unnoticeable, that smile was best thing of that day and asked me to leave. No further questions were asked. I was confused about what exactly happened with me. I was pretty sure he wasn’t going to consider me but to my surprise. I got HR call within 5 minutes. OMG!! What a feeling 😀 😀

Here’s my learning from this experience.

Most of the times ignoring heat of the conversation really helps.
By being calm and staying truthful will help you in long term.
He was just checking my ability to handle extreme pressure. Despite of being an introvert (back then). I was able to handle it quite well.
Prepare well and stay cool but formal. Be truthful.

Hope it helps 🙂


Candidate 3

MR questions depends on the interviewer, so there is no fixed questions.
But i Can give you some idea,

They can ask questions from your favorite topics ( from the syllabus or out of syllabus).
They can ask questions based on some conditions( simply to track your actions).
My Interview:
Interviewer : What subjects you are studying in this semester.
Me: Artificial Intelligence , Cryptography, Discrete Mathematics etc.
Interviewer : OK , what is in Artificial Intelligence.
Me: So I explained something about it.
Interviewer : How can we use AI in washing machine to work in better way.(Now you have to play this yorker ball).
Me: So I explained some fuzzy way (I just defended the ball).

So the point is they can ask you anything in MR round.
All the very best. . 🙂


Candidate 4

I gave my TCS interview on 19th December. My MR interview was taken by middle aged man. He was very cooperative. Time taken was nearly half an hour. He asked me few questions like :

Family background : told
Why TCS : told
Your role models : Mr. Ratan Tata and Mr. Azim Premzi
If you get Wipro call, which company you will work for : Frankly, both are my role models for their work towards society. Tata have provided me first chance to work so I would definitely go with TCS.
Where you see yourself after 5 years : I see myself at a reputed position in TCS.
About further studies : My priority is to get knowledge by working for a company. If company supports me I can go for higher studies.
Tell me names of subjects you remember from your Bachelors degree: told
Explain any concept other than computers : told difference between diesel & petrol engine, 2-stroke &4-stroke engine etc. ( I had studied that in 12th standard. )
Write algorithm for any program you know : wrote
About Last year project : told
Hobbies : told
Ready to relocate anywhere in India : Yes. I would love to do so.
MR questions only depend on the guy you are facing and your confidence level. Thank you.


Candidate 5

I gave TCS interview on December,15 and got selected.

There I faced only two interviews after clearing the written test of TCS.

One is Technical and the other one was basically H.R cum Managerial interview.

So from my experience Managerial interview is taken just to check the interest of a candidate.

There few questions which the interviewer asked from me and they were:-

Say something about yourself which is not known to me?
It was a tricky question not a direct question like “Tell me about yourself?”. But by his question, I understand that “he is asking something which is not mention in my CV as well as in the application form”. So I replied according to that.

Then he asked, “Do you want to be a small fish in a big pond or a big fish in a small pond?”
I replied since I am a fresher and my working skills are yet to build, I like to be a small fish first, as well as TCS is a big pond, which has a vast employee (fish). I like strength my skills and survive there to become a large fish of that pond.

Why you want to join TCS?
This is a basic question and everyone knows, so I am not posting the answer, and also for impressing the interviewer I gave a long answer there.

My last question, he asked me, “if I select you, but later you reject this offer and join other company or go for higher studies, so how will give me your assurance for joining my company?”
I said, “how can I reject the offer sir, I ate your salt, Sir (Maine aap ka namak khaya hai).”

He smiled and then handshake with and said, “All the best”.

That’s it.


Candidate 6

In my MR interview with TCS, I was asked only three questions. The first was a case study one. The case was that there is a company with 20 employees which maintains its record on paper. The company has asked you to design a database for them to go digital. You have to study the case, ask appropriate questions you need to ask to accomplish this task, charges you would take for the project etc.

In the second question, I was asked if there was any problem with the arrangement of my interview setup. I noticed that the table was not stable. Maybe one of its foot was small or so. I answered the same. I was asked if I could correct the issue. I answered that I could use one of the caps from the water bottles kept there, below the foot which was small.

The third question was like this. You are given a mixture of wheat, flour and sugar and you have to separate all the three.

Only this much of questions and I got through. You see, no extensive prior preparation was required in my case. So, just be cool and everything will go well.


Candidate 7

In Managerial Round interview, they test you if you will be able to fit into software field.
They will check your problem solving ability, your team working skills, soft skills, etc..

For this they will ask you for situation based questions. They will put you in a situation and will ask you how you will tackle it.

Questions will be like “If your Team lead is not giving you enough credit for your work and is often complaining you that you are not working, even if you are. What will you do?”

I suggest you to know the hierarchy in a software company. So that you will know whom you have to talk to if you have a problem with a particular person.

Sometimes they try to put you in an impossible situation, they keep on asking cross questions. Do not worry, it will just be a test to check how you handle stress.

You can find many sample MR questions online.

Thanks for the A2A

All the best for your interview 🙂


Candidate 8

Thanks for A2A.

See in most cases, both MR and HR are general conversations based upon you, your skill sets, hobbies etc. They might ask you some puzzles as well just to check your presence of mind. Simple approach: Be confident, stay positive, DON’T get nervous. Practice spoken English, this is exceptionally IMPORTANT. Practice introducing yourself and be aware of the basics of your hobbies/interests.

My experience:


Q1: Introduce yourself, your native city, your parents and siblings, your native city, your hobbies & sports?

I told everything, mentioning about interest in reading about latest gadgets as one of my hobbies.

Q2(based upon my answer): Which is the latest version of iOS?

I told the right answer and was asked to wait for the HR round.


Asked a couple of basic puzzles, asked if I’m ready to relocate and if I’ve any issues with two years of bond. DONE 🙂

Appear with an open mind and have faith in yourself. Prepare well for the technical round though. It can possibly go on for over an hour. Best of luck 🙂


Candidate 9

They would generally ask related to your social works, your key roles in any events where you have been leader or a member of team. How was your experience. Where you see yourself after this years..and all that questions which can define your character. Nothing more related to technical.

Yeah and main thing is they were try to put you in some situation where you have to choose one, and either one is a difficult situations so be prepared with the support answer or an example. Always be confident and just try to show positive attitude. Accept what you dont have! But put effort to display what achivements you have or special quality of yours.

All the best!!


Candidate 10

Hii, in my case technical and Mr interview round was combined . The MR interviewer asked very basic questions like ready for relocation, why would I like to join tcs, any problem with night shifts.

Another question I was asked by the Mr was logical . I was given a figure and was asked to redraw it without lifting the pen.

That’s all for the Mr round

Suggestions : stay calm , Mr asks very basic question and as it is the managerial stage , they would just test you on your management skills.

All the best !! Prepare well


Candidate 11

There are two rounds in TCS interview. One is Technical another one is HR interview. Generally the interviewer ask the interviewee, in which subject he is comfortable enough e.g : programming languages like Java, CPP, C etc. , database subjects, networking, electronics, or the core subjects (in which discipline you belong to) etc. Once you give your response will ask you questions from the moderate level and will increase the level accordingly until or unless you get into trouble. Typically he/ she wouldn’t let you know about selection or rejection during interview.

And in the HR round they mainly ask the common questions, sometimes give some puzzle to solve.


Candidate 12

Basically it’s a general round where a senior manager or equivalent professional interviews you. They judge your behavioral skills like team work, stress management, ability to perform under pressure etc. May be they can put some technical questions as well. They may check your approach to solve a problem.

So, generally MR and HR are easy if you have good communication and you behave well. All the best 🙂


Candidate 13

MR stands for managerial round as you already know, the focus in MR is to gauge your understanding for functional part of work you have done. Basically it’s all about what are the challenges you faced , on a certain they will give you a business requirement and ask for the approach/solution.


Candidate 14

There is no set pattern what they ask.

Mostly they check your confidence and presence of mind in MR.

In my MR, the Manager asked my favourite subjects of Engineering and School time, reason behind that and some questions related to that.

Some of the typical questions will be about your marks in Engineering , why you chose a particular branch for engineering, Why you wish to join TCS, why we should hire you.

Be confident and answer in cool and calm way. Nothing extraordinary here.


Candidate 15

In MR they just check how quick you are on your feet and how well you handle pressure.
Generally the questions are not anything over the top,they put in a situation which essentially leads to a conundrum and then analyse how well you react to it and they also check how adept you are in solving puzzles on real time scenarios