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Aricent Interview Questions And Application Link | Date of drive 6th Feb 2018, SJBIT, Bangalore

Posted On 03-02-2018 At 07:56 PM

Tarun Jain ( Admin )
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If you have not applied till now kindly find the link at the end of the post and apply.

Link To Apply:

Aricent interview questions:

Date of drive 6th Feb 2018, SJBIT, Bangalore

Online test is conducted by, It consists of following topics.
1. English (Simple with 2 passages and some Synonyms and Antonyms).
2. Logical Ability.
3. Quantitative Aptitude (No need to prepare much only basics no formula related problems).
4. Computer Programming (It covers DS, OOPS and Basic programming).
5. Computer Science (ONLY FOR CS/IT – It covers subjects like OS, DBMS, CN, CA).
6. Electronics (ONLY FOR NON CS – It covers Semiconductors and Microprocessors).

There are 3 rounds of technical round of interview : on the same day you will have technical round of interview
Please try to prepare below topics well.

Please refer this job interview experience shared by one member:

Hello guys..Now i m sharing my interview experience of #Aricent …

5 march:
First round was written conducted by amcat having 5 sections
1. Quant
2. Verbal
3. Reasoning
4. Computer Programming
5. Computer Science

Their is a sectional cutoff so u have to prepare well…as computer science part is tough…

I registered in sjbit clg as drive in that college on 5 march my batch timing is 2.30 pm but due to so many students my written started around 7 pm and around 9.30 pm they declare result and fortunately i was one of them who cleared the first round…

Then after they told other rounds are on next day and i have to report their at 1 pm..

6 march:
I was in clg around 11.30 Am next day their also so many students who r waiting for technical…

Then again waiting waiting… as my technical was in last among all students around 8 pm from 12 to 8 just wait for technical round…

Then they called my name i went to one room the technical person is very humble and now from here real action starts…

tr: what r ur fav subjects
me: c,java,os,dbms.

tr. what is a pointer
me: told

tr: then he write some code of c in pointer and gives me a situation like u have to use this code in java. How u able to implement that code.
me: I told that in java their is no concept of pointer and if u want to use that code u have to use either native code or web services. Then he asked what is native code how to implement and all.

tr: what is java?
me : told

tr: Then he gives me a prgm that u have to take a no from user and find out no of digits,no is divisible by 7 or not, take hundredth digit of no and multiply by it by 100 and find out that no is divisible by 7 or not
me: i done that prgm within 2-3 min with using some predefined functions of java..but he told do without using functions..and i did it without using functions…

tr:Then he gives me one more prgm that u have 10 bags and in each bag their r coins in ascending order but in one bag coins r not in proper manner n u have to find that bag..
me:I make that prgm then he impressed so much

Then he comes in os and started asking questions in hindi…

tr:what is paging?

tr:scheduling and types of sceduling?
me told

tr:what is a processor?

tr:what is Lru?

tr:what is rom,ram and cache?
me: told

tr:what is page fault?
me: told

tr:how to resolve page fault??consequences of page fault..
me told

then he asked from where u belongs…in bangalore where u lives..what r ur hobbies..n some other question also

my technical round was very good..technical person also very good..then he told to me wait outside n nice to meet uuu

then i told thank u very much..good night n happy holi sir…

After 5 min one person came to me n give employment details form n i m only person there n i have to fill it fast as hr is waiting for my interview…

after that i went for hr round 2 ladies were there..

Always keep smile in hr round..and always wish them

hr:howz ur day??
me:very good..

hr:howz ur technical round?
me:Its a very amazing experience…

hr:tell me about ourself??

they r jsut checking ur communication skills

hr:what is a team work??
me:told n give some examples also…

hr:who is ur idol
me: Mr. Apj abdul kalam
then she ask why then told about his hard work n all

hr:what is a success for u??
me:when ur signature changes in autograph…

hr:u r strong in technical then why u r not selected till now?
me:i answer tht question very well

hr:if u got selected u have to relocate gurgaon u have any problem in that??
me: as i choose my first preference to gurgaon so it is good for me..

then she told thank you…
if u got selected u will get a mail within 3 days..

hr is around 20 minutes i am very confident in that round..

on 10 march i got confirmation mail that i got selected..and joining date is 19 march…

I came bangalore on 2nd july…with so many hopes..for a bright future..on 12 july i got selected for one start up company..i worked their around 6 months but in jan 2015 i realized that i deserves better than this…

so i left my job n started hunting job again..attended hcl n cts interview but rejected in hr i started working on my communication skills…as its very important for getting a job in mncs…

i always believe in preparation so whenever u guys went for any interview prepare well about company, previous year company papers…always focus on ur basics… n never loose hope..

Thanks to everyone who helped me…u guys r doing fabulous job..i knw its not easy task to do job post after coming from job…u guys have different soul…

Feel free to ask any question i m always be there for help u guys…


5th Round : HR Round :prepare your personal introduction and few points about the company

Apply For Aricent 2017 batch only, dont miss this opportunity

Date of drive 6th Feb 2018 at SJBIT Bangalore,
Those who are outside of Bangalore and want to attend fill the form and attend the drive

Eligibility Criteria:
Level Eligibility
Class 10: Pass percentage
Class 12: 60% and above
BE / B.Tech: 70% and above
MCA: 70% and above
Batch : Only 2017 graduates
Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Technology or Master of Computer Application graduates Computer Science, Information Technology, Electronics & Instrumentation, Electronics & Communication, Electronics & Electrical Engineering & Software Engineering

Position : Software Engineer/Software Test Engineer

Package INR : 3.5 lakh per annum

Job Location Gurgaon/Bangalore/Chennai

Service agreement Employee service bond for 21 months, INR 75000/-

Interview Dates: a) Online Assessment on 6th Feb 2018 @ SJBIT College.

All the very best for all the participants.

Kumar M
SJB Institute of Technology

Link To Apply:

Prepare hard
All the best

Admin Team