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#MUST_CHECK | How To Prepare For Accenture Drive | Links And Candidate Experiences

Posted On 19-01-2018 At 10:38 PM

Tarun Jain ( Admin )
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If you have got a call through firstnaukri , then the process will be same as amcat. I am sharing a list of candidate experiences with you so that you can go through them and understand the process

How To Prepare For Accenture Drive


If you have got a call through AMCAT , then to be Blunt these are the scores that you may need to get

Categorization based on your score:
English ->455-520(average score), 520+(excellent score)
Logical ->455-520(average score), 510+(excellent score)
Quant ->445-520(average score) , 550+(excellent score)
Computer Programming -> 350 and above is average score

However you may need to study hard to get this much. I got 99+ percentile in amcat and I work in google currently.


Now lets dig in a little deeper.

Amcat has been a good way for students for low tier colleges in India to get a good job outside the campus. However it regularly used by IIT’s, BIT’s and VIT etc which are top most colleges for campus recruitment option for various companies visiting their campus.

I remember a Big Company such as amazon visiting my campus using AMCAT as their first round.

These were the amcat questions that I had copy pasted from the screen at atleast 25 different amcat test over period of 2 years. Amcat questions are highly repetitive.

Detailed Syllabus:

Basic Programming

Data Structures



Operating System and Computer Architecture


Computer Networks

All the best!


Candidate 1)
Accenture is hiring candidates through elitmus & amcat. So firstly score more than 100 marks in elitmus.Then apply for accenture off campus on elitmus website.You will get call letter.

Accenture is conducting only one round of interview.That is HR.The main factor they consider is your communication skills & interest in joining IT http://industry.So just go prepared with all type of hr questions.Show them that you are interested in IT industry.

You can expect questions like this

1) Tell me about yourself?

2)Why you want to join IT industry?

3)Tell me about your family background …etc etc

Hope it will help.One of my friend placed in accenture last month.He was also from mechanical.

Candidate 2)
Absolutely nothing just chill practice one topic to speak about.

Dress wisely.

Try to be confident and smile.

Prepare a bit from data structure and something to say about your project in final year that’s it.

If you are confident throughout you are welcomed to accenture.

Candidate 3)
Accenture is one of the easiest Company to crack especially in campus placements.

Here’s how it goes

1st round: Amcat online aptitude test
Consists of three sections quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning and English.Each Section has 25 questions, except logical reasoning which has 24 questions. Total 74 questions, 90 minutes. No negative marking.Minimum cut off is 45( in some colleges it’s 40). it’s a typical amcat test.

If you are good with maths and English, you don’t have to read anything, otherwise go through quantitative aptitude by rs Agarwal, that’s more than enough.

Second round is group interview, 3 girls and 2 boys in each batch , They recruit almost every girl who passes first round, because they need female candidates, so as to increase women:men ratio in their company.

Please go to the interview as fast as possible.

After girls are gone, they don’t select anybody in the upcoming batches which consists of only boys.

In our college, out of 300 students in mix batch( 3 girl+2boy), they selected 226 students, and none in other batch which consisted of 230 boys.

You just have to speak confidently in group interview to get selected.

All the best!!

Candidate 4)
To crack Accenture campus placement you just need to do following things

Answer every question positively.
Communication skills is all they need.
Prepare for atleast common 30 HR questions from the internet. For example : Tell me something about yourself? Your strengths and weakness? Etc.
Just revise basics concepts of DBMS, DS & Algo, OOPS, Java, pointers in C.
Don’t say anything negative about yourself or your educational background.
Moral : If you can speak english properly you’re 90% selected. Just prepare the above mentioned points and ensure your job with Accenture.

BEST OF LUCK. I hope you get placement in Accenture. Thank you.

Candidate 5)
It’s totally depends upon their requirements, no one give the fixed date or month about off campus drives. In 2014, Accenture started its off campus drives in the very first week of august, but in 2015, drives was strated in the first week of November. So be ready for the interview, do you preparation, and those who didn’t yet given neither AMCAT nor elitmus please appear in the exam as soon as possible and score good marks. All the best for your future.

Candidate 6)
Usually it’s 3 -4 steps depending upon the venue and mode of entry like through amcat or campus placement. Only difference is if you are selected through Amcat you won’t have an Aptitude round.

Amcat called candidates are directly proceeded to form filling and then GD, group technical cum HR interview. In other case you have to attend aptitude round and then the above steps are carried out.

You can read the whole procedure in detail by the students itself of any company on the following sites.

Placement Papers – Accenture :

Accenture interview process for freshers [General interview pattern] :

Accenture Campus Placement – Procedure and Information :


Candidate 7)
After clearing the AMCAT test, you will be called for the interview process.

You have to carry a resume and a xerox copy of each :- all your semester marks sheets, provisional or degree certificates (if available), 10th & 12th marks sheets and passing certificates (if available) and diploma marks sheets and certificates (if available).

On the interview place, you will be given a form to fill, on there you have fill your details like

name, address (current and permanent), college name, your grades and marks (of whole career), guardian/parents name, age and occupation, passport and driving license details (if available), and lastly you have to select your joining location preferences.

Joining cities which Accenture gives are mainly :-

Kolkata and
Generally Accenture gives 50% of students selected to their first location,

30% to their second location etc.

So location preference selection of your choice completely depends on your luck.

Now coming to the interview :-

They don’t take basically a face to face interview, rather they take a group interview, but probably they will ask you individually.

Also they don’t ask any technical questions, so you have to mug up your things.

So they first form batches of 5 – 6 students in each and call one by one batch.

A single batch generally face 2 H.R.s at a time.

Question which they asks :-

Tell me about yourself
What are the projects you have done ?
Sometimes they cross question about your projects, but don’t get afraid tell them with confidence and freely, because they are not really from technical field.
Then they generally give a topic like Global Warming, Greenery, Asked you to compare between cricketers, Politics etc.
Also they sometimes give some condition on the topic you just said, and you have to reply back.
Then after the interview, they will announce the result.

Then a senior H.R will come and discussed with you some facts like :-

Package that company is offering
Bond ( which is presently 75,000 for 14 months)
Your job location.
Why they are taking this type of interview? I mean not asking any technical question.
And when they will send you your offer and joining letter? etc.
That’s complete the whole process.

So the most basic things to clear the Accenture process are :-

Be calm
Your spoken English need to have fluency.
Don’t show attitude when your speaking.
When you are saying things about your project or any other try to speak as much as you can.
Last and the foremost always go with a smiling face.
All the best.

Candidate 8)
Aptitude tests conducted by Accenture has three sections, they are Verbal Ability, Reasoning Ability and Attention to detail.

As the tests conducted by Accenture has Sectional Cutoffs and Time limit, Focus more on improving your strategies. The best way to increase your chances of cracking this aptitude round is by practicing Company-Specific Mock Test.

PlacementSeason’s Company-Specific Mock Test contains a lot of repeated questions from previous years Accenture recruitment drives. Company-Specific Tests replicate the exact tests conducted by Accenture on campus placements. More than 2 lakhs students have been benefited by PlacementSeason’s Company-Specific mock tests. Try practicing PlacementSeason’s Company-Specific Mock Test to increase your chances of getting placed by more than 75%.

I hope this answer will help you to crack the Aptitude Tests conducted by Accenture.

All the best!

Note: I’m associated with PlacementSeason
Check :
Check :

Candidate 9)
Accenture PLC is a global management consulting and professional services company that provides strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations services.

Accenture will want the students who have great communication skills and aptitude,reasoning knowledge.

You have to follow one website where you can get Accenture company patterns to write mock tests.

They will conduct first round as written test, to crack this written test you have to learn two subjects.



You can also get the Accenture company patterns and keep writing daily mock tests, then u will be able to crack Accenture test easily.
Link :

Candidate 10)
From my personal experience, I believe that you must follow a quality book of Aptitude in order to get your concepts clear and make a strong preparation. One of the best books on the quantitative aptitude is Arun Sharma. Once you have gone through all the chapters thoroughly and have practiced all the three LODs you can crack almost any aptitude exam.

Your attention please!!

We have recently launched an Android app Aptitude Guru : Tricks & Tips – Android Apps on Google Play

It provides daily dose of aptitude which contains :

-> 1 quantitative aptitude question

-> 1 reasoning question

-> 1 English word to learn

-> 1 inspirational thought

Besides this, it covers 15 most often asked topics of aptitude in offline mode.

Just check it out once and you won’t regret for it…Aptitude Guru : Tricks & Tips – Android Apps on Google Play

Thanks for reading..

Candidate 10)
Accenture Recruitment for freshers Hi IM shivam kapoor
Our placement test was conducted by AMCAT..(Accenture),Greater Noida

I got selected posting this on the same day to help other guys who looking forward to being placed in Accenture..

Accenture had 75 questions in total

Verbal ability(English)-25

Quantitative Aptitude -25

Reasoning(Logocal-anlytical Non verbal Verbal)- 25

preparation-I used to visit alot of sites like freshers world to know about in-out of the selection procedure

Verbal ability English)-25
English-articles,prepositions-search on google(basics)

Quantitative Aptitude -25
Aptitude-R.S aggarwal..

(time and work,probability,PnC,time n distance,numbers,average,profit and loss,problem on trains,properties of log and expo,hcf and lcm)that’s it..)

Reasoning(Logocal-anlytical Non verbal Verbal)- 25
Reasoning-R.S aggarwal Verbal reasoning-blood relation,mathematical operatins,series,coding-decoding etc

900 gave the Quantitiative Aptitude test 290 cleared..After that technical round was conducted after which 137 got selected..After the last round i.e HR 100 were placed..and I was one of them..last year they took 175 but due to recession they took lesser number this time..

Candidate 11)


Halo guys,

My name is punitha and i got placed in accenture on the 2nd of april 2007.thaks to freshersworld. Well if you are one among the people who is preparing to face an interview for accenture then all you have to remember is be confident and have a good communication skill.

The placement process in our college kickstarted with the aptitude.The aptitude papers of accenture is given by the merit track people. You can visit their website as well( .To be very frank the aptitude was easy.It consisted of 55 questions. A few verbal questions like fill in the blank with correct prepositions, to give the synonymns of the underlined words and things like that. Then attention to detail and logical reasoning which were also quite simple. There was no negative marking and no sectional cut off either. So make sure that you attend as many questions as possible. But the cut off will be a bit high, which they will not reveal, and the paper could also be a bit lengthy for 40 min.Just be smart enough to answer the questions which will not consume more time in the beginning and see to it that you have got majority of the answers right. If you are guessing a few answers here is a tip. Let the choice for all the questions for which you are guessing the answers be the same. For eg. c or d for all the answers going to be guessed.

Then there will be the ppt (the pre placement talk). You ought to have a good knowledge about the company. All company people will love that and Accenturites are in no way an exception

The filtered students will be called for the HR round. This round should not be a difficult one for those who can answer confidently with good presence of mind and communication skill. The common questions are “introduce yourself”,” what do you do in your leisure time”,” why did you choose engineering”,” who is your role model” etc..Dont worry just be confident as i have been mentioning and be smart, not over smart though. You can shake hands after entering the room by introducing yourself and thank the person for sharing his time before leaving .

Finally there will be the technical round which will more or less be like a second HR round. If you are a CS student then you must brush up a few details about your project and if you are an EC student then get the concepts of microprocessor right. You ought to know the names of the subjects you are studying as this could be a definite question and please for god sake dont say you dont know the subjects. The other possible questions are “why should we hire you”,” what are your areas of improvement” etc.Make it a point to have a smile on your face throughout. That will matter. And in the end if the person asks you if you have any questions for him please feel free to do so. you may ask questions like “how has been your experience in the company”,” how have you shaped your career” etc.

Just dont forget that the person who is interviewing you is also a human being. There is no need to be scared of him. An interview is just going to be a mere exchange of words.

good luck.


Candidate 12)


Hello friends….

Accenture came to Delhi Institute of advanced studies,Rohini,Delhi on 1st september for campus placements 2008..
It has conducted written test 1 month ago and selected 173 students out of 900(approx)..wriiten consists of quant,english,passge..qstions were repeated so dn’t 4get to do the previous papers and gave essay to write…so it gave us enuf time

To prepare for the interview..we have to reprt at 7.30 .dere were 3 guys came from Banglore for process..firstly ppt took place and dey told everything about the company..even they held a small quiz and gave choclates to candidates who gave the right answers..after the ppt..1at round was GD round..dey form batches of 12 students each..the topic for my gd was “can india become superpower in 2020″…5 out of 12 students were selcted frm my batch and luckily i was among dem.. other batches topics were”shoud rahul dravid b d captain of indian team” and”should sachin deserve to be be in the team”..remeber just dn’t sit blank dere and make eye contact wid everyone and listen to others also..dn’t make a fish market and its better if u initiate.. dat will highlight you..else say some strong points in between…

After gd was over technical round took place….
some of the Tech qstions are :—
1)What is virtual reality
2)What is polymorphism
3)Define normalisation.1st,2 and 3 normal form
4)Primary key,foreign key
5)What is redundancy
6)What are 4 generation languages
7)What are cursors
8)What is white box and black box testing
9)What is alpha and beta testing
10)What is scheduling

I ansered all yhe qstions except 1st…and after 5 mint my name was dere in list of cleared candidates den hr round took place…
firstly I was told to introduce myself
den what i do in pass time…
Why i dropped 1 year(shoul have solid reason)
gave a situation dat if i have a conflict between my teammate what will i do..
what are long term plans
asked about parents
and lastly dey asked whether i can sign bong and dn’t have any problem in relocation….

after 3 hrs d result announced and 54 / 900 students were shortlisted and god’s grace my name was there in the list….i hope this exp will help u guys who will appear in the accenture paper in future…
wish u good luck to all of u and hope to see u overe dere..


Candidate 13)


Hello friends,
I am Sushant Varma of AKGEC, Ghaziabad, and got selected in accenture.
It was an open pool campus, in which around 32 – 35 colleges participated. My written was on 19th august in KIET Ghaziabad. it’s result was declared on 23rd aug on internet, then after I ahd my GD and interviews…

All the rounds were eliminatory, so go prepared for that.
The major elimination was done in GD (they look mainly for the comm skill, your voice audibility, so just be loud and clear in GD, no use of making too many entries, even if u are not able to speak in between, the moderator will give you the chance in the end)

Then the Tech. Interview, and then fianlly the HR.
After the GD, it was not sure, that u’ll have the TECH. first or the HR first anything could happen… so be prepared for both after the GD.
Both the interview round were rigrous I had both of them of around 20 minutes each.

They ask much deep in the Tech. but I was not asked much deep in my Tech, rather I was geared up in the HR, he asked me about C++, Java, DBMS…. (as I had a project on Java Client – Server Application) and many more things….. they ask about your favourite subjects also, I told him Control Systems, as I was fron Electrical…. But he did’nt ask anything from it..

Most of the persons were eliminated in Tech. but in HR most of them were selected, but ther were persons also who were rejected in HR too.
people appeared in written approx. 11000
no. who cleared the written approx. 7000
no. who cleared GD approx. 1000 to 1100
no. who cleared 1st round interview 350 to 400
no. who were finally selected after the 2nd round = 263

So don’t get afraid just belive in yourself and u’ll get your part of success. It was my 8th company in which i got selected. In the earlier companies I was not able to clear the written also……. so it very much depend upon your Luck, that day.

So meet you all in accenture.
Sushant Varma