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2017 Batch Freshers Must Check | TCS Off Campus Drive Full Information And How To Prepare For The Drive.

Posted On 17-01-2018 At 10:51 AM

Tarun Jain ( Admin )
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Must Check This File For Q & As :

TCS Off Campus Drive Full Information And How To Prepare For The Drive. In Case of any queries you may connect with us on our Toll Free Helpline (1800-209-3111) or write to us at

++++++ About The Drive ( Basic Details And How To Apply ) ++++++

Year of Graduation : 2017

Eligible Courses and Disciplines :
-> BE / B.Tech / ME / M.Tech in any of the following disciplines:
-> Information Science
-> Computer Science
-> Information Technology
-> Network Engineering
-> Software Engineering
-> Electronics & Communication
-> Mechanical Engineering
-> Digital Engineering
-> Electronics Engineering
-> Applied Mathematics
-> Applied Statistics & Informatics
-> Electronics and Telecommunication
-> Electrical & Electronics Engineering
-> Artificial Intelligence
-> Robotics

-> MCA with BSc / BCA / BCom / BA (with Math / Statistics Background)

-> M.SC in Information technology / Computer Science / Software Engineering

-> Minimum aggregate marks of 60% or above in the first attempt in each of Class Xth, Class XIIth, Diploma (if applicable), Graduation and Post-Graduation examination within the stipulated duration of course as specified by the respective board/university (any arrears/backlogs cleared post stipulated course duration is considered as extended education and would not be eligible). Please note that all subjects mentioned in the mark sheets should be taken into consideration (including languages, optional subjects etc.) while calculating the aggregate marks. For example, best of 5 out of 6 subjects for calculating the aggregate is not acceptable as per the TCSL Eligibility Criteria. In cases where a candidate has completed both, XIIth and Equivalent Diploma, the cut off percentage of 60% and above is applicable to both the courses.

-> First attempt implies that the candidate should clear the final year/semester examination (including Xth, XIIth, Diploma, Graduation and Post-Graduation as applicable) with minimum aggregate (aggregate of all subjects in all semesters) marks of 60% and above within the stipulated duration of the course itself. For example, if a candidate has secured 58.9 % (aggregate of all subjects) in Standard XIIth examination in the first attempt and has taken an improvement exam in the next attempt securing 62 %, he/she does not fulfil the TCSL eligibility criteria as marks/CGPA obtained during the normal duration of the course only will be considered.

-> It is mandatory to declare the gaps if any, during the academic tenure. Break in education should not be due to extended education. Any such break should not exceed 24 months and is permissible only for valid reasons. Relevant document proof, as applicable, will be checked for gaps in education.

-> Only Full time courses will be considered (Part Time/Correspondence courses will not be considered).

-> Candidates with more than 3 years of work experience will not be permitted to participate in the TCS Selection process.

-> Candidates should meet the below specified age criteria at the time of appearing for the TCS selection process: Minimum age – 18 years and Maximum age – 28 years.

How to Apply for the TCS Recruitment Drive for Engineers?

Candidates yet to register:
Step 1: Registration
Log on to
Click “Register Now”
Click “IT”
Fill the Registration Form and Submit
Note your Reference ID and Password

Step 2: Application
Log on to with your Reference ID/Registered Email Id and Password
Click “Application Form” on the left hand side menu on the Profile Page
Fill the Application form and Submit. A confirmation message will be displayed on successful submission. Please ensure that the Application form is filled correctly and updated with your latest details.
Click on “Track My Application”. The status should reflect as “Application Received”.

Already registered candidates:
If you have already registered with us and have a valid CT or DT reference ID, you need not register again. Please ensure that you have filled in the Application Form as well.

In-case you wish to update any information in the application form after submitting, you can do so by clicking Edit Application form on the left hand side menu of the Home Page.

For DT and CT Candidates, the nearest Test Location will be the same as entered in your Application form. If you wish to update the location, you can do so by clicking Edit Application Form on the left hand side menu of the Home Page and make necessary changes.

Your candidature for the TCS Offcampus Drive of 2017 will be considered only after completing both the below mentioned steps:
Successful completion of the Registration and Application form
Click on the ‘Apply to Off Campus Drive’

Steps to Apply to Off Campus Drive:
Logon to TCS NextStep with your CT/DT Reference Id or registered email Id
On the Homepage on the left hand side menu click on Apply for Off Campus Drive
Check the Eligibilty and Select/update nearest Test Location and Apply

Last Date to apply for the Off Campus Drive: 21st January 2018 @ 23:59 hrs.

Date of Test: 31st January 2018
Note: Kindly access TCS NextStep portal ( using a desktop or Laptop or desktop site on your mobile browser

Many candidates are having problem that they are having a problem that they are not getting the “Apply for off campus drive” link after registration and filling out the application form. The application form is different than “Apply for Off campus drive” option. Make sure that fulfil the eligibility criteria. TCS considers all subjects while considering aggregate percentage criteria. You should have a minimum aggregate marks of 60% in each subject individually.Register ASAP and wait for one or two days , you can might see “Apply for Off Campus Drive option” otherwise review your application again and update each and everything properly.

In Case of any queries you may connect with us on our Toll Free Helpline (1800-209-3111) or write to us at


Important topics:
Number system, Equations, Ratio and Proportion, Percentages, Profit and Loss, Time and Work, Time speed Distance, Areas and Mensuration, Averages, Permutations and Combinations, Probability, Plane geometry, Seating Arrangements, Sets, Progressions, Functions.

Interview process:
There is no hard and fast rule that you may be asked only Technical questions in technical interview. or HR questions in HR interview. You have to prepare well before for all the types of interviews.

For technical interview, you have to focus on C, DBMS and JAVA. It is important you have to be through with at least a couple of your core subjects.

The three most common types of interview/selection process are:

1. Aptitude:
Cover the basic aptitude that you read during 6th-10th standard in your school.

2. Technical Interview:
Choose a domain/technology . Cover the basics of programming and have a good knowledge on the latest news or version updates. The interviewer will be happy if one is strong in C Language concepts very well. Just try to solve the algorithms , programming is the just way to write the solution.

3. General/Personal Interview:
For this dress well and speak confident. Never get stressed or make false promises , they never work.

TCS has revised Exams pattern by introducing 2 more section in written exam i.e. Technical MCQ’s on C language and Coding, and updated the Quantitative Ability section where candidates need to answers 20 questions in 40 minutes. In MCQs candidates can get some 2 ** questions (carry more marks), each section will have negative marking, so candidates need to mark answers carefully.

Coding Test: This new section added in TCS new pattern 2018 Exam, where candidates have to solve 1 programming question in 20 minutes, in C Programming using an inbuilt online compiler. Mostly question will be some Basics/standard C programming using COMMAND LINE ARGUMENTS.

Practice all the basics program using command line like GCD/HCF, LCM, factorial, Fibonacci series, string programs (reverse/search/replace etc.), sum of number, even/odd, leap year etc.


Experience Of Candidates Who Have Appeared In The Previous Years

Candidate 1)
I have just attended the TCS drive on dec-2 , I cleared the first 3 rounds. waiting for final HR result.
From my point of view,
1. To clear Aptitude Test
Prepare on ” Campus Gate website” and practice basics on indiabix. That helps a lot.
2. Technical Round
If u done ua final project on ur on. it will be easy. You should be strong on your basics.
For example, If ua from ECE, qns like what is antenna and simple programs like factorial,palindrom and all.
3. Management HR
1. Tell me about yourself?
2. Ua strengths?
3. Weakness?
4. Personal HR


Revise your basics
Prepare for Written Exam, Group Discussions
Check out good youtube videos for interview skills in your domain
Visualise that you have already received your offer letter (and live this visualisation every day)
Engage in a some physical workout everyday, since research says that your mind sharpens when you engage in physical activity
If you do all of above, what will happen is you’ll feel extremely confident for the interview and you’ll attract the interviewers to your positive energy. Having interviewed freshers myself, I always hired people who looked optimistic, eager to learn, enthusiastic about the job, and reflect confidence. Remember at your stage, it is little about content and more about attitude. You cant go wrong with it!
Good luck.


As you have very less time left, try to know colleges where TCS already visited. Try to contact students who faced apptitude and get the questions beacuse most of the questions will be repeated in apptitude. Join the fb groups where students from other colleges are joined, they will definately post questions and review. Follow latest questions on differents sites like tcs Placement Papers with Solution I think this is the shortest way rather than goining through everything in short peroid of time. Best Luck..!


First go through some of the previous papers and pattern of ques.. then make the list of topics you need to practice (quant, verbal). also allot time for each section. while practicing make sure you are improving your speed day by day.
There is a writing ablity test too.. so go through format of email writing, memo writing etc. and in between your quant and english.. take breaks for preparing for PI


Your college Training and placement department will notify you.
Usually tcs comes in the month of September for close or pull campus.
If it regularly comes in college then prepare for its written and interview. As i know, this year its selection process is quite harder than previous years.
Now it will have 4 rounds :—
Verbal test – 10 minutes
Quantitative aptitude – 40 minutes
Test on programming language proficiency – 20 minutes
Coding test – 20 minutes
Prepare well for interview. All the very best ✌

TCS has completely changed the pattern from 2016 – 17 onwards.

There are the following rounds

Email Writing
Quantitative Ability and Reasoning MCQ
Programming and Computer Science MCQ
Coding Test (Based on Command Line Arguments, which is different from C/C++, if you dont get output in this section you’re not selected for next round)
I gave TCS on campus Placement November

29th 2017. Most of my friends had suggested CampusGate website. I mugged up around 500 questions and not even 1 question came from the website.

They have changed the whole pattern and CampusGate hasn’t updated their website in the last 6 years(as seen from last updated section on each page’s footer). So it will be a total waste to study from CampusGate. If you want to study for TCS I will rather suggest PrepInsta website one of my friends had studied from there and fortunately for him the whole paper and even values of the options were same.

Links shared below

Round 1:
Email Writing section was 10 mins

Quants of 40 mins with 20 questions

Then Computer Science Basics MCQ for 20 mins

Now the most important is part is the coding section, I observed anyone who hadn’t got the complete output in coding section even though they had scored well in other three section, he was not selected.

Thus it is very crucial to get output in the coding section. Now that is hard since you don’t have to code in C or C++ they have their own compiler where you can only use command line Arguments language. You can find Command Line Arguments questions for TCS on google.

Also, they give a little introduction about command line language before taking the test which you can read for 10 mins and start coding it is 60% similar to C but




other functions are operated differently.

If you don’t get output in command link 90% you’re not going to be selected.

Rules for Coding Section:
There is only one question for 20 minutes.
• It has 10 attempts(We can compile only 10 times).
• We must start our code from the scratch.
• The coding platform is divided into two, one for writing the code and other for output. We should write the whole
• We can’t use any input functions like scanf(), getch(), getchar().
• The input to be provided should be read as command line arguments.

We must only print exact output.
• Output must not be re-framed by extra words.
• If there is any error, the error will be shown in the output dialog box.
• The errors are clearly mentioned.
• If there are no errors, a message like “compiled successfully” will be printed.
• Along with that they will mention four test cases are ‘passed’ or ‘failed’. They are indicated like private and public test cases. They have not mentioned what is the test case, which is difficult to understand.

Nearly 1200 students attended first round.
It consists of 4 sections. Each Section has time limits. Once we complete the section before time limit exceeds, We can go to next section.

1) Email Writing- 1 Question 10 minutes
In this section you have to write an email for the given scenario in 10 minutes. For example, they might ask you to write a proposal e-mail to the company’s clients to try their new products.
2) Quantitative Aptitudes– 20 questions 40 minutes
Negative Marking: 0.33 for each negative answer

Questions asked from these topics:

Averages, Mixtures and Alligations
Percentages, Profit and loss
Algebra, Ratio and Proportions
Permutation and Combinations, Probability
Time, speed, distance, Time and Work
Functions, Geometry
3) Technical Aptitudes- 10 Questions 20 minutes

It consists of simple c fundamentals , output questions.

Negative Marking: 0.33 for each negative answer

4) Coding Section-1 Question 20 minutes

We dont use scanf, gets etc to get inputs. We have to use command line arguments to get Inputs. 4 test cases are given. Clearing this coding section is more important.

In the End just study from PrepInsta.


First of all, I was also among the readers of this answer on 21st September and I’d my written test on 26th Sept and Interview on 28th Sept.

Lets begin the story.

Test Pattern: If TCS is coming to your college, you more or less have the rough idea of this pattern. Still I’ll try my best to give you an insight of this.

Aptitude Test Exemption: For Madhya Pradesh students, it is 78% this year. That means if you’ve more than 78% in your UG till 6th sem, you’re not required to write only the Aptitude test but you’ve to appear for Email Writing, Coding MCQ and Programming test. Some of branches like Automobile Engg and Petrochemical Engg also had the top 5 students exemption as there were less than 5 students in these branches who were above 78.

Internship Exemption Criteria: If you’re under internship program of TCS, then you’ll not have to give the test at all. You’ll directly appear for the Interview. For this, TCS will send the internship students list to the institute.

Email Writing(10 mins): They’ll give you random and very normal topic to discuss along with some words which you’ve to use in your email. Be cautious while writing email. Write the email using those words in the same order as they are given and do write the salutations accordingly. They say to write a min of 50 words but I’ll suggest you to write 75-90 words. There will be a word counter below your email window. For Email practice, there’s a website called -Placement Papers-Interview Experiences-Placement Questions and much more. Just go through some of the practice emails of it.
Aptitude(40 mins): is the god for the TCS aptitude. We’d questions exactly as the same values and answers as that in the site. Practice from campusgate will make test a cakewalk for you.
C MCQ(20 mins): See I’ll be very honest, if you’re one among first or second slot, then you should have a basic idea about C programming. Else if you’re one in the late slots, many questions will be known to you. Else, try jugaad and make it possible to have the late slots. Finally if you really want to practice, there are many C MCQ apps like Geeksforgeeks and C practice questions on Play Store.
Programming Test on C(20 mins): Note that this program you would have to write using command line argument which is very easy to apply once you understand that we’ve to take the input from the user without using scanf and rather using cmd there. So almost many of those programs where you take input by writing Printf(“Enter a number or string or char”) and then scanf(“%d or %s or %c, x). Skipping all this, you’ve just to write x=atoi(argv[1]) or atof(argv[1]) depending upon the requirement if the program. I’m listing some of the important programs here which have been appeared in different colleges according to my info.
Fibonacci Series
Palindrome Number
Area of Circle/Triangle
Hypotenuse of a Right triangle
Armstrong number testing
Star and reverse star
Decimal to binary and vice versa.
Else your luck :p
Don’t panick if your program don’t run, it’ll happen to most of the students of your college. Just give your best and write test. Have a sound sleep and just go with a free mind.
Results will be announced next day and you’ll have your interview the next day or the day after that.
Interview: No matter what have you done at the test,cheating or honestly or whatever way now you’re into the interview.

So now, you should be giving your best this day.

Some of you would be having your panel as 3 member panel or 2 members. If you’ve 3 people, then that means in most of the case that your Technical, Managerial and HR round is together. Just be calm and give confident answers.

I’d 3 member panel but my HR one got more important call than my interview and thus by god’s grace, they grilled me on the technical front for my 25 mins interview. I gave some answers, and left some of them as I wasn’t sure of them. TR guy told me that “Integration is not the area under the curve and I’m wrong” :p .I left the panel hearing “thanks Akash we’ll call you later” as the HR person was still was on the call. I waited till 7 pm as there were 15 people after me in the same panel. After that I asked a volunteering student to ask if I can come, to which they replied that they’re done and I can leave. I was shocked as well as sad because I should have at least got a chance. I got to the other person handling the process and as I mentioned earlier, according to them I’d all the rounds together and thus I was done with the interview.

I am not blaming TCS just because of one person. But TCS is unpredictable. Out of around 250 students qualified for Interview 220 of them made it and I was (as I knew) among the lucky 30.

I know I’ve given my best and that’s why I don’t have any grudge of not making it. I learnt C programming for TCS only leaving all my studies aside. I have that sadness on the day of results but you know time heals everything.

I pray that you get a good panel as many of my friends don’t had even a single technical question rather they were asked what you’d in breakfast and how was it. That’s it. Even if you get a strict panel just make sure all of them assess you unlike my case.

All the best for your recruitment process.


Candidate 8)
For coding round, the questions are based on command line arguments. Make sure to read them before appearing.

You can check this link for some sample questions. Command line arguments in C

Some frequently asked questions are available at C programs using Command line arguments

Rest the pattern is same as it used to be. I’ll add all frequently asked questions soon. Keep checking

Good luck !!


First there is Aptitude test that includes email writing, quantitative aptitude, technical (mainly C) and coding round.

I found it not-so-tough. Out of 20 questions in quantitative aptitude I solved 17 questions. In technical , questions were easy(concepts like recursion, data types, 3 programs) I solved all of them and then coding. Question was damn easy ( find whether a number is prime or not. If yes then find square root). I was not able to find output although there was no error. Later I realised output type should be float type and I declared it as integer type*minor error*. For coding either you get 1 or 0. I thought I won’t get selected but I cleared aptitude round.

Then after 1 day it was interview. I was called in a panel of two interviewers. My interview was of 35–40 minutes. They asked me programming codes, concepts of c and java, questions on my project, internship and training. Most interesting question was from hobbies part. I love paper craft work. So they asked me to make some thing from origami. I made butterfly.

Then HR round. My HR round was of 20 minutes. They asked terms and conditions of the company. Questions on SDLC. I was damn confident after technical round but lost hope in HR round. Because I didn’t answer any question properly.

I got selected.

Everything is same except the Coding proficiency and technical part added to aptitude test. There is nothing to worry about. Code asked is damn easy and technical part is very basic.

Good luck.


I have attended the campus recruitment drive conducted by Tata Consultancy Services today. Like you know, the pattern of the online round has changed. You basically have 4 sections- Verbal Ability consisting of Letter Writing. Quantitative Aptitude. Technical Aptitude consisting of questions from C and a Coding round.

Coming to the Letter, it was like the previous years’ only. A minimum of 50 words were required to be written along with correct spellings and grammar and other keywords. 1 letter. 10 minutes.
The next one is the Quants. Same like the last years’. Campus Gate and Indiabix will prove to be a saviour here. 20 questions. 40 minutes.
The next one is the Technical Proficiency round. Questions from C programming and a few output based questions were asked. 10 questions. 20 minutes.
Coding proficiency. Here you get a program to write in C. No partial marks is awarded in this portion. Either you solve it completely or you don’t. 1 question. 20 minutes.
Negative marking is present for Section 2 and 3. Overall, if you are good in quants and have a basic knowledge of C and know how to code in C, you shouldn’t be having a problem. Good luck! 🙂

Pro Tip: If its a college consisting of a huge number of students, carry food, plenty of water and mobile chargers because its gonna take quite a long time and will definitely test your patience!


Ya. I attended TCS recruitment process on 27 and 28 of September 2017 on campus interview. We had aptitude, email writing, c test and coding round on day 1 and technical, management and hr interview on day 2. Now I will explain in details regarding experience on various round.

Aptitude round.
Since I belonged to 78%and above category, I was exempted from this round.

2. Email writing.

I got a email to invite a professor to a technical fest held in college. It was similar to technical baba TCS test simulator, hence I advice to go through that site to ace these round.

3. C test.

It was bit difficult for me. Here they ask basics of c language. Around 7 were theory questions and 3 were to predict output. 2 were star questions. Totally their were 10 questions. May be due to I am from mechanical background only 1 was known for me.

Eg:-ftell fuction is used for, to read substring we use, atoi is used for, etc.

Some said that it was easy for people who had below 78%.

Time provided for the round was 20 minutes.

4. Coding test

I had learned around 15 basic programs. I got to check palindrome of number. Quite simple. But inputs are given through command line arguments. Also they expected some output and we should give that output itself or compiler fails to read output even though your program is correct. Read the questions twice. Check before compiling. In my case due to some error it caused infinite loop. If it results in infinite loop the computer will get stuck. So inform them quickly and they will temporarily pause the time and tell you to continue through new system. As soon as you login the time will start.

Time provide for these round was 20 minute.

After these we left to our room and they said result will be announced at midnight. And interview was scheduled at 10a.m on 28th.

But they announced the result of first day at around 9a.m on 28th and we had left with only 1hour to prepare for interview.

4. Technical interview.

I was called for EIS panel. They briefly went through my resume and asked to introduce about myself. I said my area of interest was GD&T. hence my technical questions began from here. They asked me to explain benefits of GD&t over conventional tolerancing process. Later they asked about definition of cylindricity,circle, straightness, flatness and their symbols. Also they asked about feature control frame and datums. Later he asked about other area of interest and I said it was automotive. So he started with write p-v diagram for diesel and Otto cycle. Compare 2 store and 4 stroke engine. Whether petrol engine or diesel engine had higher efficiency. How does a automatic transmission work?.

Later he moved to SOM, asked about stress stain curve and also different points on it and draw the same for different materials. Also he asked about basic material testing laboratory and Young’s module value for mild steel.He asked me to write SFD and BMD for simply supported beam with uniformly distributed load.

Asked what do you know about TCS?.

I would suggest, to ace these round you should have good sound on your basics.

2. Management round.

Coming to these round I can say for me it was continuation of technical round rather than management round. Here he asked about application of GD&t and highest position you can reach in GD&t. Later he gave me a clip and told to write it’s top angle projection. Later he told me to differentiate 1st angle and 3rd angle projection. Giving a door as basic example he told how many tolerances we can give?.Also he asked whether positive tolerances were good or negative tolerances . Also he asked about different types of fits.Also he asked what all information is present in the drawing sheet at block provided for writing .Later he told if I get XYZ as well as TCS offer letter which one would I choose and justify your answer.

Also if I was ready to change my area of interest.

You should prepare for some stress mangement questions…Yet you need to have good basics on your subject to ace these.

Coming to last round I had to wait for .5 hour.


For me rather than hr interview I can call it as stress round. He started to shoot variety of questions on me ,I had given only 2–3 secs to answer. He would always interrupt and say I was not up to point.Also since I was from mechanical background he said why I choose tcs?when I said about EIS ,he said it requires only 5%of total human resource and he would choose people from IIT or NIT rather than us and told me how will I prove him I was worth to choose?.We were 2 together in group for interview and he asked us to debate on a topic he gave and he just left and said to continue. So we continue till he arrived, later he told to switch the sides and continue our debate and again he left. He was always trying to impact stress on us. Later he said some points we needed to improve…

Hence prepare for all kind of worst situations …..

I hope my experience helps you to succeed the interview…..ALL THE BEST


I gave my TCS campus recruitment aptitude exam today only.

It had 4 sections. Starting with the first one.

Section A

It was similar as before just writing email.

Section B

It was quantitative based section. Questions were mainly from Campusgate website,and mostly similar in all the sets.

Section C

C programming based mcqs.. They were easy but a little confusing. Based on basic C and file handling.

Section D

It was programming based section. Input was supposed to be taken with command line arguments. Very basic programs were the part of test like:

Prime number in a range
Leap year
Binary to Decimal
Even odd
Fibonnaci series
Adding two numbers using function
Palindrome of num/string
Reverse of num/string
For the students of waiver list section B was not the part of aptitude test.

It was quite crackable for a person who is gud in quantitative and knows basic C.


Hiii… I got placed in the campus placement for 2018 batch… I am from JNTUH and persuing my degree in ECE…

You will be having 4 sections in the written test:

Email Writing
MCQs based on C programming
Coding Round
Well there’s negative marking for the questions if you attempt them wrong in the aptitude part and you will be having 20 questions… MCQs will be purely based on Concepts of arrays, functions, strings, pointers, DMAs and data structures… There will be a total of 10 MCQ questions on C and in this part you will not have any negative … The last and final round is Coding section where you will be given 20 minutes to write and execute the code…

Note: In our campus people who have their aggregate percentages above 80 were exempted from the aptitude section…


Links to help you prepare for the drive

TCS course: Most repeated TCS Aptitude Test patterns | ChalkStreet :