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Informative Post : Simple Steps To Get Genuine Referrals For Any Job

Posted On 14-09-2017 At 03:18 AM

Tarun Jain ( Admin )
REF ID : 26015
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I read this post today and it really shocked me. I am feeling really sad for this guy.

Please Read Carefully :
This guy paid an amount to get an employee referral and was fooled by a fraudster.
A Guy pretended to be Covergys employee and posted on Quicker that he will refer for HCl company and tanother guy even went ahead and paid him …. I mean seriously .. wtf is happening …. Seeing this I have decided to share simple steps below that will help you get a referral from any company employee where you will be dealing the company employee directly with no mediator and you will not have to pay a single penny to anyone … there will be hundred % transparency and nothing shady. Genuine Facebook and Linkedin groups follow these steps to get referral for you guys … I have even seen people commenting their email ids aimlessly under each and every post whether it is asked for or not … you have been commenting your email ids for over an year now .. did it help you get a referral .. for a change follow these steps and it might really help you … do not hesitate from commenting your queries in comments section below regarding any doubt related to getting referral .. i will surely help to the best of my limits … it is a kind request that you read this post thoroughly and follow the steps closely .. let me know after some days whether you were able to get a referral or not

1) Add me to your Linkedin connections : How will this help ?
I am connected to over 12000 people on Linkedin who are working as an employee in some company or the other… it might be hard to reach them directly through Linkedin as you are not allowed to message each and every individual and they might not add you to their connections but seeing a common connection they will add.If they do not add you , don’t worry .. you can message your own linkedin connections.

How to add Tarun Jain as your Linkedin connection ?
Go through the following link -> and send me a connection request … i will add you ASAP. Once I have accepted your request , you will be able to see me as a connection on linkedin

2) See my connections : How will this help ?
It is very important to be aware of the people with which your important connections are added. It is like taking the help of your brother’s or sister’s friend who might be a working employee which is not a bad thing and the response that you get will be helpful.

How to see Tarun Jain’s connections ?
Go to my profile using the link mentioned above. Once you are added to my connections , you will be able to see a column on the right of the page that says ” See Connections (500+) “.

Click on this to see a list of all my connections

3) Notice how you can search the list according to people , jobs , companies , groups etc. You need to select people and search by company name . Search examples “Accenture , IBM , Infosys , HCL , TCS” by People. You will get a list of all the people I am connected to who are working for these companies.

4) Select an employee and send him a connection request in the same way as you sent me. Seeing a common connection , he will add you.

5) How To Contact? Suppose you are connected to An Opentext employee … now click on his profile and
Send him a message stating the following :
1) JOB ID (Very Important) – He Must Know The Job Id For Which You Want To Be Referred. Otherwise He Doesn’t Know Which Job Should He Refer You For.
2) You Name
3) Your Email Id
4) Your Batch
5) Your Resume
6) Your Contact Number
7) Do format a proper message asking him for his help and referral to be placed in the same company as he is through is help.
8)Wait for his response.

Advice : Try to message As many Employees As You Can. When I Send A Message To 10 Employees , I Get A Response From 2 Max. So Message Accordingly.

Good News : Life has been difficult for all during their time of job search especially their first job so they are willing to help more than one candidate. You can also help your friends. I use the same technique to get referral for you guys 🙂

6) How to contact an employee once he has referred me ?
You need to keep in touch with those who are referring you. You can see contact details of each employee on the right hand side of the page Under Contact and Personal Info