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Looking For internship In hyderabad

Posted On 30-03-2017 At 12:40 AM

Movva Lakshmi Priyanka
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Sir, I wanted to do summer internship where we learn the work but not to work as intern. Could you please suggest me the companies offering internship at Hyderabad. I belong to IT branch and wanted to do internship related to my branch and  which helps me in future. So could you please help me sir.


raghav pandey
March 30, 2017

Immediate Requirement:
Company: based in Hyderabad
Role: Intern
Food and accommodation free : company will arrange for food and accommodation
Stipend: 7500k
Bit of knowledge on PhP n dotnet if possible
Interested candidates can share their CV at
with the subject line ” hyd” on or before
31st March.

Tarun Jain
March 30, 2017

how much stipend is there ?
Rs7500 ?

Tarun Jain
March 30, 2017

what is the name of the company ?

Tarun Jain
March 30, 2017

you can find suitable internship opportunity here :
opentext is also hiring interns . You can send your resume to the employees for referral :

Tarun Jain
March 30, 2017

You can also check internships section on this site :
you will find details about companies hiring interns here

chowti abhinay kumar
March 30, 2017

Share your resume kindly at

Anjaneya Prasad goud
April 1, 2017

Anjaneya Prasad goud Veeragouni 01 April 2017

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