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Important Post : EMC2 ( Dell EMC ) Placement Papers + Candidate Experience + Paper Pattern

Posted On 30-03-2017 At 12:23 PM

Tarun Jain ( Admin )
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Link :


Inerview Experiences :

Dell EMC interview experience
(9 or 10 January 2017 )

1st round is communication round , in which they will give u any 1 topic to speak , they will check ur communication , if ur comm. is good they will select u for next round
2nd round is Online test ,30-45 min , in which u will get apti , English & logical questions , this test is not so tough , they ask basics questions .
3rd round : technical round , mostly questions from ur resume , basic technical questions ,opps concept , interface , package , hardly questions from core java. Ur academic project ,
Prepare ur self introduction
Prepare about company
Why u want to join this company
They mostly check communication & confidence
4th round :
HR round ,


Dell EMC experience from Sindhu Krishnan

This was my interview experience with Dell EMC that happened in Reva institute on 11/01/17.
Round 1 : JAM (Just a minute), where we were asked to choose a topic of our choice and speak for a minute. They check our communication skills and vocabulary.
Round 2 : Online aptitude test. 30 questions on general aptitude(quants and logical) and 30 technical aptitude questions(DMBS, OS, C++ etc) Time allocated is 60 minutes.
Round 3 : Technical f2f. Questions from OS, Networking, DBMS, Basics of OOPS etc. They’ll just check how well you know the basic concepts.
Round 4 : Managerial round. The interviewer explained the job role and asked what I know about EMC. This round was more of a discussion about the role I would be offered.
Round 5 : HR round. A lot of behavioral and situation-based questions. Confidence is the key to tackle this round.
Overall, it was a pleasant experience. Just be confident and know your basic concepts well and the job is yours. All the best 🙂

Dell EMC papers (y)
Guys..not sure..but same type of questions you will get so please check ..and if I Anyone got For same #EMC


Paper Patterns : 

EMC2_Placement_Papers :- Latest Interview process !

___________ Latest Pattern _____________

1st round group Discussion:

its kind of extempore…they asked to introduce yourself and speak in front of everyone of any topic you want for 2 minutes.(you should be audible to everyone and be confident and make eye contact with the all people present in the room , rest you speak doesnt matter whether that is correct or not)

2nd Round was online aptitude test :-

That was very easy and totally reasoning based questions (syllogism,statement based,analogy types)

3rd Round was technical :-

They asked from resume about project,,which subject you like most…whyy you have done engineering..what makes you feel intrest in computers,,, how you managed your project,,,as it was a team work,,
SQL queries they asked basic one
basic about java (as they asked me which is ur favroite sbject during engineering)

4th Round HR Round:-

what do u mean by project?
what do u mean by project management?
how can u define role of project manager?
difference between goal and dream
tell me ur aspiration, desire, dream, goal,
why only emc you want to join
what r ur strength and weakness

if there will b some shortcomings in your team regarding skills, how will you manage them

why should we hire you
after 2 yrs where you want to see yourself
u comfortable wid night shifts
2 yrs bond
family background
you comfortable to join in bangalore
(they mainly focused on communication skils)’


EMC2 Placement papers & patterns : Must follow !!

Guys and GIRLS For EMC2 Communication Skill matter for each Round ..SO Be prepared and communicate well !!


1. Group Discussion : Guys Please Prepare from Current latest Topics.!

Its JAM round where they are going to check your communication skill your ascent!

Most of people rejected in this round..SO Please work on your communication skill if you going to attend EMC Interivew!

Follow Latest Topics here and WHile giving GD round Please communicate well

Latest GD TOPICS :

2. Aptitude Test :

Prepare well from R.S Agrwal Stuffs : Like Blood relation, Analogy , Assertion reason , Average Calculation !!

Please go through Each Apti topics from R.S agrwala and prepare well basics questions !!

Follow these Apti topics for well preparation :

3. F2F Interviews :

Here they are going to ask for your resume. SO Please be prepare from your resume each and every content !

You can expect 99% questions based on your resume ..If you are good in technical then please Must prepare from Java / C/C++ SQL Stuffs!!

4. HR Interview :-

Just Follow these questions and pattern ….Its Norm ROund if you able to clear above 3 round..

Follow HR QUe & Ans :




Gyanendra Agnihotri
March 30, 2017

hello Admin Sir can u give me amazon and samsung refrence i need sir

Tarun Jain
March 30, 2017

@Gyanendra contact for amazon referral

March 31, 2017

Can anyone posy the technical questions asked in written test….I know only java wil it be fine..

Narayana Jonnadula
June 7, 2017

We are having a suitble requirements with our clients in Hyderabad

we are looking for freshers to work in Microsoft dynamics axapta technical , Functional module

Pl refer me freshers who are intersted to work in the above skills

Ourselves will Give them necessary Training before processing

intersted candidates can share thier resume to
Best Regards

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