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HONEYWELL Placement Papers

Posted On 22-03-2017 At 11:47 AM

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Hi Tarun Sir

I need Honeywell Test pattern and placement papers asap


Tarun Jain
March 22, 2017

Honeywell Campus Recruitment Pattern:

1. Written Test
2. Technical interview
3. Hr interview

The Written test consisted of 2 parts: technical knowledge and reasoning.

There were 40-50 technical questions ,multiple choice of 1 mark each and 5-6 reasoning questions of 5 mark each.

The subjects on which the technical questions came from were


And no questions came from other subjects in technical part.As for reasoning,all the questions came from previous question papers .

Honeywell Placement Papers:

Written Test Technical Part:

1) TRAP is a___________ interrupt?

2) CPU gets into wait state after it recognises ________ signal

3) if the value of a semaphore is -n(negative) then the no of processes waiting on the semaphore is

4) For recursive e procedures, the following is used..

5) Complexity of hash coded search for n elements is..

6) If we have to insert and delete at the both the ends of a Queue then the following is to be used..

7) Time taken to search a record from an array of 10 records in ascending order using binary search is

8) In queue the complexity of inserting into an element is..

9) what is the need to change the information system ?
i) new technology
ii) new requirements

10) I/O processor does the data transfer between main memory and I/o devices

11) why are wait states included?
to interface for slow peripheral device

12) 3 questions on Interrupts RST 7.5… study the interrupts well.

13) 2000 LXI SP,1…
2003 PUSH H
2005 PUSH D
2007 CALL …
200A POP
200B HLT
what are the contents of the Program counter and the stack contents?

14) Which register stores the address of the next instruction to be executed?
Program counter

15) which is mainly responsible to load the operating system?
Boot strap loader

16) DOS has how many stacks?

17) one question on Cascading Amplifier..

19) In RAM how many transistors and capacitors?
i) 6 trans….0 capaci
ii) 4trans 2 capac
iii) 2 trans 4 capaci

20) there are some problems on pure electronics background … around 5 problems

21) FIFO is
non- preemptive

22) Some problem on Round Robin Scheduling …
Time sharing

23) Virtual Memory is..
i) easy to implement
ii)less in efficiency of memory utilisation

24) a question on process synchronisation…

25)In a graph, there are 7 nodes and 5 independent loops then the no. of branches in the network?

26) Microcomputer input / output

27) In 8088,
i) 8 internal ..8 external
ii)8 internal….16 external
iii)16 internal…8 external
iv) 16 internal…16 external

28) When interrupt is received then the cpu does the following..
i) it waits for the next instruction from the interrupting device
ii)it goes to the subroutine

Analytical and logical:

Here the aptitude and logical questions are written mixed:

1) Neena says that ” Anitha’s father Raman is the only son of my father-in-law Mahipal.” How is Anitha’s sister Bindu related to Mahipal?
None of these

2) If the provisions last for 30 days for 3000 men then if after 10 men are included then the remaining provisions last for how many days?

3) A and B earns in the ratio of 4:3 and the expenditure is in the ratio of 3:2 and tey each save an amount of Rs.500, then the income of B is?

4) If a man walks first and rides back then the time taken is 6 hours and 30 minutes. If he rides both ways then he gains a time of 2 hours and 10 minutes, then what is the time he takes to walk both ways?
8 hours and 40 minutes

5) If A if the fifth from the left side and B is sixth from the right side and they are interchanged. After that A is 13 the from the right side. What is is the B’s position from the left?

6)In an organisation, 55% are men. 30% of the employees are full time. 60% of them are female. What is the percentage of the males among the full time employees?

7)A lengthy question on Geese, pigs….

8) A’s in come is 50% more than B’s. by how much percentage is B’s income less than A?
33 1/3%

9) In an exam 40% is the passing marks. a student got 40 marks and failed by 80 marks. What are the maximum marks in the exam?

10) a group of 100 people were surveyed.72 people ate from P and 52% ate from Q, then which of the following cannot be the no. of people who ate both at P and Q?

11) There are 6 people A, B, C, D, E, F. they are placed in 2 rows. C is diagonally opposite to D. E is not at the either ends of a row. then which of the following can be an arrangement?

12) there are the codes on English words.. like if CIRCUS can be coded as KORAB then THIS can be coded as?

13) there are some people like Alice, Dora,….and some relationships are there between them..
answer is.. Dora is the mother-in-law of Alice

14) there is a discount of 50%. A man buys a watch at original cost and the other at discount and if they both cost him 180/- then what is the original cost of the watch?

15) 3 numbers are added with some digits missing
what is the value of x?
the above nos are different. the answer is 7

16) there are some logical questions like in GRE ans also some arrangement problems.

Tarun Jain
March 22, 2017

Pattern Shared by placed guy :-
1. Written Test
2. Techical Interview 1
3. Techical Interview 2
4. HR
1. Written Test: Written test had 3 Sections Groups are divided into CS and Electronics.
1st Sec. consists your dept technical (50q), 2nd Sec. consists of C Programming quest (30q), 3rd Sec. consists of General Aptitude *very easy (20q). Make sure u do this round well.
2. Technical Interview 1: Kindly get thorough with all basics in ur dept technical and C,C++. This round is tough as u will get questions from all of ur core subjects. Concentrate on pointers and data structures well. If u r good with the basics,this round is a piece of cake for u.This is certainly an elimination round…Ur knowledge in core subjects r tested,if u fail short of expectations,then u r out! Note: Interview may last even for an hour
3.Technical Interview 2: Here u will be tested again by senior technical officials..Again if u r good with basics,u r through this round!! Ur projects also play a role.
4.HR : prepare well for Basic HR quest like tell abt urself,strengths,weakness..Also prepare well on the company profile. They are good HR’s and if u r selected,they will give u advise on how u should act during the training period. Also know abt the technologies which were introduced and doing well at that period. u may get quest on gen awareness.!

Gyanendra Agnihotri
March 22, 2017

Dear Sir i want to Referal For Honeywell.How to Apply Plz Suggest me plzz

Tarun Jain
March 22, 2017

Hello Gyanendra , last month there were multiple vacancies for Honeywell and i had shared referral details with candidates ( check : ) . Hiring for these vacancies expired last month. I will share referral details once again when vacancies are available and also let you know about the vacancies too.

Gyanendra Agnihotri
March 22, 2017

thanku sir i will wait because i saw question paper nd m sure i can crack this type of paper easily.sir can u send mail id i will send my CV FOR FUTUTRE OPENING .

Tarun Jain
March 22, 2017

Gyanendra Agnihotri
March 22, 2017

Thank you sir i sent my CV to you.

March 22, 2017

Is any got call letter to appear for interview at Honeywell through referral drive last month.since I was referred by one person and after that I applied through referral link but I haven’t got any call letter for attending interview

Dileep Kumar
March 24, 2017

Hi Tarun Sir!

I have just received a mail from Honeywell hiring team to take a ONLINE ASSESSMENT with in 48 hours,and they mentioned we have to select a domain to take that exam.

I’m in urgent need of some Honeywell online test patterns whether it is of aptitude or technical test and what are the domains present in this online assessment.

Awaiting your reply ASAP please.

Thank you!

Tarun Jain
March 24, 2017

Hello Deepak , please go through the earlier comments for paper pattern and type of MCQs asked.
According to latest online assessment pattern there are 22 Questions in total with 2 – 4 programming questions rest MCQs

Dileep Kumar
March 24, 2017

Thank you sir! For these programming questions….are they like finding the output from given answers or we have to write the total code for it?

April 9, 2017

hello tarun sir plz refer me in honeywell
id is

gourav nagar
September 27, 2017

hello sir please provide me mechanical jobs.

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