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Selected for IBM big thanks to Tarun sir , Sandeep sir and team for help

Posted On 15-02-2017 At 08:01 PM

Vijay Saxena
REF ID : 14296
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Sir i am sharing my experience and format here for help of other students.Thank you once again for your help and Sandeep Mittal sir for referring me.

IBM visited our college in Noida for the recruitment of Associate System Engineer. It was two days process.

250 students participated in the placement process

The selection process was carried out in three steps:

1. Online Test
2. Psychometric Test
3. Technical & HR Interview

Online test was conducted on first day while psychometric test and technical & HR interview, were both conducted on second day.

1. Online Test

The online test was just like aptitude test. It consisted of three subjects:

a. Series completion – There were 18 questions from series. Some sample questions are:

b. Quantitative aptitude – This also consisted of 18 questions. The questions were from topics, like percentage, profit loss, volume etc.

c. Business communication – It had total 22 questions which were divided into two parts – 21 objective type questions and 1 subjective question.

Samples of objective questions are:

– loose
– limp
– double
– firm

– information
– training
– message
– knowledge

– Formality
– Content
– Writing skills
– Language

– think
– work
– behave
– All of these

Subjective question asked us to write the format of a business letter.

The total time for each question was 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

105 students were shortlisted for the next round.

2. Psychometric Test

This round is also called WSI – Work Style Inventory. In this 100 questions were asked related to day-to-day life situations and how we tackle them. Those were simple but tricky.

There was no time limit provided for this.

This was also an elimination round. Around 75 students were selected for the interview process.

3. Technical & HR Interview

Both interviews were conducted at one time. But, before attempting interview, you have to take your biometric test and submit one government ID proof along with CV.

In interview, I was asked about introduction, hobbies, one situational question and rest were from technical sections.

As my resume had a mention of exams I had taken, he asked my score & rank.

Confirmation mail was received by us after 48 hours. 60 students made it to IBM.

Some important tips that will help you crack the test and interview:

Ping me if you have any doubts 😀 cheers!


Tarun Jain
February 15, 2017

Hello Vijay, we are very happy for you. Please give some time here and try to help freshers get placed. give them some guidance regarding preparation and how you got referral for the drive.Best of luck for your future

Vijay Saxena
February 15, 2017

I got referral from the references you shared contacted all but one sandeep mittal replied back and so i sent my resume and then he referred me

February 15, 2017

Iam Ramya.
I want material to prepare for IBM online exam.
Could you please help me.
Thank you
In advance

February 15, 2017

good job man

Raghavendra A Kalakeri
February 15, 2017

Congratulations !!! Al d best 🙂
Even i got referral for IBM and i applied . but i din get any call or update regarding that . status is like : application recieved
may i know when you heard their response ?

Vijay Saxena
February 15, 2017

you can solve papers from here
tarun sir suggested this site .. the paper is on same pattern and questions help prepare
some questions were like this check docx file attached
Sites which can help you for this drive (q4interiew, m4maths).
other programs which you can get are like this
WAP to convert the alternate characters of the string to upper case . The first letter of the string has to be Capital.
I/P:We are the worlD
O/P: We ArE tHe WoRlD
I/P: this is some code
O/P: ThIs Is SoMe CoDe
Other programs were : 1)WAP to convert the string into Camel case.
2) Wap to convert the string into Sentence case.
3)Wap to find a desired char in the string and print its ASCII value

Vijay Saxena
February 15, 2017

i got mail on 15 jan
try to be in touch with the person who has referred you and seek as much help from him as you can

Raghavendra A Kalakeri
February 15, 2017

ok thank you 🙂

February 15, 2017

Hi Vijay, Congratulations.
for Business communication from which website i should prepare. please reply me.

Vijay Saxena
February 15, 2017

February 15, 2017

who’s Sandeep Mittal sir ?? who’s tarun sir ??
no one can refer me
what is the process ??
suggest me

Tarun Jain
February 15, 2017

Hello manish ,
Sandeep sir works as senior software engineer at IBM and has helped us refer some candidates for associate software engineer post at his company. Recently i had published information about notification about the vacancy and referral process .. you can check here
For getting a referral you need to contact company employees and then they will refer you by submitting your application through their employee referral on IBM portal and then you will get a mail after that . Once they refer you , you will have to complete the application process by logging in to the ibm portal .. you can contact ibm employees via linkedin through this link : (Once you login to linkedin you will be able to access this link) or through some FB contacts here : (Ask them to refer you for this JOB ID : 79285BR )

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