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After one year struggle and hardship finally i got selected in IBM

Posted On 20-02-2017 At 11:22 PM

Antony Smartzz
REF ID : 14630
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finally..i got selected in IBM..thanks to tarun sir , abhishek sir and aashu sir …without you people it is not possible for me..thanks to my parents and frndz. yesterday, I got background verification mail..waiting for offer letter..once again thanks to’s a one year struggle finally I achieved?


Tarun Jain
February 20, 2017

Hello Antony,
first of all i would like to congratulate you on your success.. one year is a long time and you must have been through a lot of stress and difficult times. Please share your full experience with us and also share how you prepared for the drive so that it will help others. if possible please help other candidates here with referrals.
Thank you and best of luck

enshaw ali raza
February 20, 2017

congratulation Antony,
please share your experience what question you faced in interview and please let me know from where you prepared apptitude and java coding.

Antony Smartzz
February 21, 2017

The very first round (18 ques.) was series one so i tried so hard in this section and somehow managed to clear it. just keep one thing in your mind that within 2 minutes u have to get d answer so practice well for this section and solve atlst 100 ques. on d same inorder to get d logics. try to answer each and evry ques. as there is no negative markings and inacase u leave 3 consecutive ques. blank you will be block for sure so answer blindy if u nt getting d amswer, smtyms it works 😛
Furthermore, the second round (18 ques.) was apti so practice for this section well because here i felt that ques. were bit
lengthy so try to increase your speed along with logics.
Now after second round, it was third round (22 ques.) which was business english section, for this section just go through
a site named “Q4interview”. it will help you alot.
After ol d 3 sections it was now coding rounds (1 ques.) so just go through all d functions related to string and make sure that u have
practiced all the questions given in this group.for this round just practice string topic very well because ibm is asking ques. only
on this particular topic.
So friends that was all about the first round and after around 1 hour, result got annouced and i was 2nd on d list :D.
And surprisingly after the announcement almost 90% got rejected from this round so guys prepare well for this round as this is d round which is gonna change your life.
So after that, selected candidates were called for documents verification so please if you r going fr the drive keep all your documents and imp. files with you in either hard and soft copy because ibm is very strict on this.
So around 6-7 in eve. after all d verification and formalities we were asked to leave the college.and finally first day process was over with it.
Now second day,it was (tr+hr) round all you have to do in this round is to brush up your resume and try to keep only those things in your resume which are relevent and you have proper knowledge on dat. and your project watever yu have mentioned in ur resume would play major role as u wll be asked each nd evry thing from there so have a good knowledge on your project and explain it in d best way confidently. if you succed to explain it you are in friends. apprx. 36 got selected after the final round and i was one of them, got my bgv and eoi forms waiting for offerletter. 🙂
#Sites which can help you for this drive (q4interiew, m4maths).
tarun sir shared some links on gofresher reharding referra and preparation , which are help me in preparation . dat was all abt my experience, hope it will HELP many of you so go to drive, dont think much abt d rounds just prepare urself, go there and get over it

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