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My IBM Drive Experience And Pattern Of Paper – 24 Jan 2017 At Jain University , Bangalore

Posted On 26-01-2017 At 08:57 PM

Debjani Goswami
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Hello all, as many people are asking for IBM interview experience and questions related to JAVA so I want to share my experience, hope it will help someone.I had drive on 24th jan at jain university at Bangalore.

At first let me tell you IBM is very strict with their criteria, so people who have the exact criteria they have mentioned in their job portal try to follow that otherwise if also you clear all the rounds you will be kicked out. They also don’t allow the people with 59.999%. So better don’t take this risk.

Now the test pattern, this time IBM has changed its pattern and you have to give your exam in their job portal and have to login with the email id and password whatever you have given at the time of job application.

1. First part series (18 questions with the time limit 2.15 minutes for each question.)
Try to solve as many questions as you can from M4maths, questions will be repeated.

2. Second part ..18 quant with the same time limit
Solve questions from m4maths, questions will be same but data will be changed, questions are somehow tricky so practice well.

3. Business letter and grammar related questions. (20 Q in 22 minutes)

4.Now the last part. JAVA program, frankly speaking it was the most easiest part of the whole exam. You have to just write the logic nothing else. Don’t try to edit or delete anything they have given.
They will give BufferReader but I will suggest don’t use scanner class cause in my program I tried to do the same but it was full of errors , so I then wrote the program with BufferReader and just put the logic and it ran successfully.

My program was to print the second last word of a sentence.
I/p- how were you
o/p – were
there will be two test cases given and you have to pass the both.

Other programs I have collected from my friends are
1. Convert a string to lowercase to uppercase or vice versa
2. Remove vowels from a string.
Prepare well

P.S – After completing one of the best exams in my life I was not able to clear the test. So prepare well and give your best. Rest depends on your luck too. All the best.


Tarun Jain
January 26, 2017

Thank You For Sharing Your Experience

Tarun Jain
January 26, 2017

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Debjani Goswami
January 26, 2017

welcome sir

Tarun Jain
January 26, 2017

Keep Trying , Do Not Lose Hope
Each Drive Is An Experience Which Only Adds To Your Knowledge And Will Help You Move Up The Ladder Till You Reach The Top

Debjani Goswami
January 26, 2017

thank you for the motivational words sir . i am not losing hope and trying hard each day is an experience here in banglore

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