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Got Placed In Tech Mahindra .. thank u so much Gofresher team for help with my placement .. thank u tharun sir

Posted On 15-12-2016 At 04:54 PM

Srikanth VM
REF ID : 11892
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Hello sir i have been placed in tech mahindra and want to share the interview experience with other job seekers . Please approve and thank you so much for your help . I had tech mahindra drive in my college – PVPSIT NOVEMBER On 2nd and 3rd 2016.

My name is Srikanth and I’m from ECE background.

The selection process is as follows,

1. Written test.
2. Story writing/Interpretation.
3. Technical round.
4. HR.

1st round

Coming to the first round i.e written, the test consists of approx 70 questions and you will be having 50 mins of time and remember there is a sectional cut off so you need to attempt every question. The main key to clear written is to have grip in English because out of 6 sections, 4 are of English. So, concentrate more on English, the questions will be asked on synonyms, antonyms, fill in the blanks, finding error in sentence, passage, etc. You have to be really very fast and put correct answers. Coming to quant, there were only 11 questions and topics are averages, profit and loss, partnership, calendars, partnership. That’s it. If you are perfect in these topics you can clear quant sec. And in logical, simple questions were asked like coding decoding, series, odd man out, blood relations and figures. If you clear this round, immediately you will get congratulations and next round starts.

2nd round

Coming to second round which is story writing, and we need to write a story on that. But our CPT faculty told to interpret the given image. 10 mins will be given to complete the essay and a picture will be displayed on the screen, you need to write a story or interpret on that. This is also an elimination round. You have to write without any spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes. Use simple English, and write meaningful essay and you can clear this round.

Note: Only 200 words are allowed more than which the system will not accept. So be careful with the word limit and 2nd round is a mass elimination round.

3rd round

In this round, they mainly focused on my project. First, he asked my self-introduction and while I am telling my introduction he stopped me and asked about my project. He mainly stressed on my project and the questions. After that he looked into my resume and asked about the details of MS Office (Since I mentioned MS office in my resume) and what are the MS packages that are present in MS Office. I explained about the MS packages and he asked about MS excel and asked whether I can fulfill the requirement for him or not. I said that I had used excel a long ago and if I see the excel then I will definitely fulfill his requirement. He also asked why ECE and why IT. TR round is very easy and in order to qualify the round we need to be confident about the project.

4th round

In HR round the HR person wants to test our confidence and also our communication skills. He asked me 13 questions. The questions that are asked me in HR round are:

1) Introduce yourself.
2) Your favorite movie?
3) Why is that your favorite movie and explain it?
4) Tell me about Vijayawada.
5) What is meant by smart work?
6) Why ECE?
7) Why IT sector?
8) What do you know about team work?
9) How can you say that you are successful?
10) How can you overcome your stress?
11) Can you relocate?
12) Can you work for night shifts?
13) Any queries?

That was a luck day for me 😉

please ask your doubts below i will feel happy if i can help one guy with job . God bless


Tarun Jain
December 15, 2016

Congratulations Srikanth , We Are Happy To Hear This : D
Good Luck For Your Future And Please Help Others Whenever You Get Time

Srikanth VM
December 15, 2016

thank sir , it was not possible without your support

vinay puttaraju
December 15, 2016

Sir, how to apply for TechMahindra as fresher in Bangalore ? Please reply soon

krishna kumar nayak
December 15, 2016

srikant…..pls tell me the no. of question were there and how many question you were attended..
also tell..your posting location and date..

Srikanth VM
December 15, 2016

these are three upcoming drives for tech mahindra .. first one is in pune and other in andhra and last one in tamil nadu .. no news for bangalore drive yet

Srikanth VM
December 15, 2016

Total Questions:75 Total Time: 50 Minutes
Section Expected Topics Number of Questions
English Language General Synonyms, Antonyms, Idioms and Phrases etc 7-11
English Language General Articles, Prepositions etc 15-20
Reading Comprehension – 4-5
Quantitative Aptitude Number Series, Time and Work, Ages, Ratios, Percentages, SI, CI, Averages etc 11
Logical reasoning Seating arrangements, Blood Relations, Odd Man Out etc 15-21
Logical Reasoning-Paragraph Jumble Sentences 3-4
Non-verbal Reasoning – Images & Figures Missing Images, IS AS Image Questions, Pattern Recognition etc 5

Srikanth VM
December 15, 2016

i attempted 68 i guess

Usama Rehan
December 16, 2016

Congratulations for getting the Job brother. Can please tell me about the Tamil Nadu drive? When is it happening and where?

Srikanth VM
December 16, 2016

Thanks usama .. you can check tamil nadu drive details here

Tarun Jain
December 16, 2016

Usama You Can Check Details For All Upcoming Tech Mahindra Drives Here

Chaitali Kshirsagar
December 16, 2016

congrats shrikant!!!!
I want to ask you one que
what answer you gave when he asked you about why ECE and now why IT??
please help me out from this que

Srikanth VM
December 16, 2016

Chaitali you can mention that you have good knowledge of programming for different controllers. ( Eg – AVR, PIC or 8051 ) that is also a kind of programming.But that is related to some specific hardware. As a programming hobby, i want to code for web/desktop or mobile application also. I hope your organisation will provide me learning and exploring platform for that. 🙂 You can also mention as i from ECE background i can understand hardware better than some other IT Guy. because these days somehow applications are connected to hardware one or the other way.
You can give some example like – Application for home automation. In this scenario if one has better knowledge of hardware functionality than he can make a better application for that.

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