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Mott MacDonald Hiring 20[15/16] Batch B.E. / B.Tech Fresher Electrical Engineer As Graduate Engineer At Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Noida, Bangalore, Chenna

Posted On 09-11-2016 At 11:39 AM

Tarun Jain ( Admin )
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Company Name : Mott MacDonald

Company Website :

Job Profile : We’re a global engineering, management and development consultancy focused on guiding our clients through many of the planet’s most intricate challenges. A core aim is to make a sustainable difference to the world we live in. That translates into a focus on understanding our clients and their customers, to deliver outcomes that add value.The Mott MacDonald India Graduate Development Programme is a structured professional development programme designed to encourage and develop graduates to achieve set organization objectives. The programme aims at providing a highly satisfying, well-structured learning and development path to ensure higher levels of employee satisfaction and help graduates in their career path. In this programme graduates are offered a consistently high level of monitoring by our experienced mentors who will guide, inspire, advise and review the activities of the graduates on the programme. All graduates will have access to an online monitoring system called UpGRADe. The development activities and competency assessment of the graduates will be timely recorded in the system by the mentors. This can be grounding for those aiming to acquiring membership to various professional institutions in different sectors in the future.Our online courses and innovative development opportunities are all geared to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Job Description :
Our graduate electrical engineers work in world class teams to design and deliver sustainable solutions on a wide range of projects including building services, power, transportation, oil & gas, railways, water and industry sector. As the digital revolution is applied to the provision of essential services, electrical engineering will play a central role in creating smart infrastructure, helping to deliver better and faster performance.

You can apply to work in the following sectors :
i) Building services- we focused on ensuring sustainability within building projects by overseeing the installation of necessities such as power, lighting, fire systems and security. We provide technical design services including MEP, civil, structural, architecture and utility infrastructure across a broad range of geographical locations.
ii) Power- we work on large scale power generation and transmission and distribution projects. Our teams are working with generators, transformers, protection devices, and high powered switches that work on solar, wind, or tidal sources.
iii) Transport- we have over 100 years’ experience working in transport, and are the market leaders when it comes to the design of roads, rail, highways, and tunnels. We work on high profile projects
iv) Oil & Gas-we provide engineering and design consultancy for onshore oil and natural gas pipelines as well as the associated infrastructure across all pressure regimes, including high-pressure gas transmission and low-pressure gas distribution networks.
v) Railways- we work with power distribution, energy management system sand transport networks including rail electrification (traction power) and signalling.
vi) Water- our teams work on projects such as sewage electrical systems pumps, SEDM (security and emergency measures direction), MCCs (motor control centre) and the design of electrical elements, pumping stations, treatment plant, surge tower, hydraulic studies, CFD simulation studies
vii) Industry– we provide a full suite of integrated, multidisciplinary services including feasibility and front end design, facilities engineering, process design, project management, containment engineering and validation. In India we have exceptional expertise in the industry sector and have established a presence in the Indian market over four decades catering to most of the manufacturing sub-sectors like pharmaceuticals & biotechnology, chemicals, textiles, metals, food processing and general manufacturing.

Candidate Specification :
We are looking for flexible and motivated graduates with a genuine passion for electrical engineering, and a desire to make a difference in the world. If this describes you, apply today to launch your career at Mott MacDonald.

Note : To apply for this scheme you will have less than 12 months experience and have achieved 60% or above in Electrical engineering

We are looking for graduates with the following characteristics :
* Excellent verbal and written communication
* Initiative and the ability to work well under pressure whilst maintaining a positive attitude
* A strong work ethic and willingness to learn
* Ability to use your initiative to undertake tasks efficiently and independently
* Confidence and high levels of motivation

Contract Type : Permanent

Work Pattern : Full-Time

Recruiter Contact : Juhee Kapoor

Country : India

Global Region : Asia Subcontinent

Sector : Buildings, Industry, Oil and Gas, Power, Transport, Rail, Water

About Company : For over 45 years Mott MacDonald has been at the forefront of management, engineering and development consultancy in India. With over 1000 staff, we’re working on a range of projects in the transport, water, industry, buildings, energy, environment, health, education, communications and institutional development sectors.

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