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IBM GBS Pattern ( sharing experience and pattern )

Posted On 03-11-2016 At 05:47 PM

Armaan Kaustav
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Sir , Please check and approve if you find this useful

IBM GTS drive pattern:


The following is my Entire campus placement experience with IBM GTS.

Initially we got a mail to register ourselves in the IBM portal. The academics cutoff was 65 percent throughout 10th, 12th and B-Tech(III-II) The written test was scheduled on 1-sept-16. It has 3 rounds.

1) Quantitative aptitude.
2) Psychometric test.
3) Tech + HR.

Quantitative aptitude has 30 quants mostly from time and work, time and distance, profit and loss, ages, percentages, ratios, and other simple quants. The level of toughness was moderate to hard and trust me solving IndiaBix papers was more than enough. There was no negative marking but there was a restriction on time i.e., each question will be given only 2.5 minutes hence it is necessary to manage time. It is not possible to go back to previous question once it is skipped. There was no sectional cutoff too.

Once the first round is done, you will be directed to the second round called WORK STYLE INVENTORY (Psychometric test). It has 100 questions with no time limit. The question are based on our day to day life scenarios and how we tackle them. The questions are simple but very tricky and they seem to repeat more than once. If you put two different answers for the same question, you are likely to be ruled out. The drive was for Malla Reddy group and 90 members attend from our college (MRIET) and only 13 made it through.

The next round was tech+ hr. This round was easy and the questions were very simple like why IBM and the routine Questions. The questions were directly from the Resume mostly from Networking. The interviewer was polite and friendly. She was willing to listen to me and at the end she asked me if I had any doubts. I asked what was the next round instead of asking her to rate my interview. She answered me. Thus my interview ended. As per their instructions, we received the confirmation mail within 48 hours. Out of the 90 students, 7 were selected from my college and I was one amongst them.

I wish all the best to all of you and I would suggest that cracking the aptitude round plays a crucial role in any interview hence focus on Aptitude and there is nothing that is impossible.

Thank you!
Hello friends, this is my worst interview experience of my life. So don’t be panic yet I have learnt something from this interview, and I hope you should follow my this experience, my name is Armaan, B.Tech final year, I am from Galgotia College.

IBM Company organised placement, and it has two criteria. Semester aggregate marks 65%, and there is no current backlog and I was fully eligible for this job and in my college total 220 candidate are eligible for this job.

Company organised two test: Aptitude (18 question) – per question 2.15 min,

W.S.R test (physicometric test) and then technical+HR.

In aptitude question were tricky and simple. It is just a basic maths (using of addition, sub, mul, and division), total 150 student were cleared this exam and as I was one of then. Then now the time of w.s.r test in which total (100 question) was given and there is no time limit. It is just a personality test and 125 student had cracked this exam. Now the time of interview IBM’s counselor after gave me a coupon code which is used in overall placement process. Next day was interview and they called me at 8.00 AM. I went proper time where all the candidate waiting for some time, after waiting 7 hours, they called my name for interview process. I was quietly exhaust and nervous and I went to interviewer cabin.

ME: May I come in sir?

HR: Yes Armaan, come in.
ME: Thank you sir.

HR: Well Armaan, what is your stream?
ME: Sir electronics and communication.

HR: Why do you want to choose an IT field?
ME: Sir, first of all I really interested in this field as I done some courses like C, Java, Android app development, HTML coding, Web designing.

HR: What do you learn from android app development?
ME: Sir I learnt how to create an apps in android.

HR: How?
ME: (guys I wanna tell you this is very long procedure for creating a new app), but I started to tell him, when I was telling then his expression is quietly different. It seems that he was taking no more interest on me. And he cut my answer and ask another question.

HR: Tell me something about yourself?
ME: Told.

HR: He asked me some question on my project.
ME: Told.

Guys on the answering time always laugh and make the environment on that time such that you are fully confident.

HR: Well Armaan, if I will hire you, then what will you do new things for IBM?
ME: Told.

HR: Armaan, if you doing a project, and you are a leader, and there are my member in your group on which two member are not performing the task, then what you will do on that time?
ME: Told.

As I am confident on that time but I am nervous as my communication skill is not good. So I was answering not proper well.

HR: Do you have any query?
ME: Told.

Then he said to me, now you may go while exiting from HR cabin. I understood that I will not select, as 70 candidate are selected and my name is not in the list.

But after a sudden moment I will think that IBM can never hire a lot of people like this and afterwards I confirmed that it is just a IBM BPO job. So guys before sitting in any company be confirmed regarding job profile.
HI all, I attended IBM interview at sjbit bangalore, hope this interview experience help you.

My experience in IBM GTS- ATO ROUNDS:


As you all know for GTS-ATO the first round is quant, it consists of 18 ques, If you want to be more confident then solve m4maths numerical ability bits of IBM (more than enough).


In this round they are conducting like personal interview for 1 to 2 mins thats it. But the key point to be noted here is they are just checking your spontaneity and fluency (you need not be that much fluent, just manage speaking for at-least 20 to 30 sec).

For me he asked.

Why IBM and why it took you so long to apply for IBM?(cross questions).

For one of my friend he was asked to talk for 1 min on flexibility, dedication (he mentioned it as his strength in his resume).

Another question is,

Tell me about icecream (wink emoticon wink emoticon).



It totally depends on the HR you’ve got.

For me the question were,

1. Tell me about yourself.

2. Project explanation, your role in it, any problem you have faced and how you managed it.

3. PPT Explanation and a question like.

How you will manage a crowd to listen to you while you are presenting your ppt? (so many cross questions).

4. Hobbies.

5. Strengths (better prepare 2 examples beforehand).

6. Why IBM? (cross questions like, other companies also providing the same learning experience then why you are choosing ibm).

7. Why should I hire you?

8. Relocation.

Thats it !

So many people who got selected please post your experiences bcuz you also at one certain time were eagerly waiting for interview experience posts in this group. If even one person gets benefitted from this kind of interview experience post also its fine. But share your experience.

For who are attending drive in chandigarh and kolkata.


All the best guys !


Tarun Jain
November 3, 2016

Congrats and thank you for sharing
please help some candidates here with referral if possible

Armaan Kaustav
November 4, 2016

thank you tarun sir it was not possible without your help

azhar raza
November 4, 2016

Guys ,do sharing your experience in IBM Interview.

November 4, 2016

Here is my full interview experience in IBM.Hope it may help someone…

I have attended the IBM interview on OCT 3 in Karpagam college of engineering (coimbatore)..It is a two day process..Totally 720 to 730 (appx.) people have attended out of this atlast 61 got selected…

1st day : Online aptitude test consists of 36 questions. 16 questions from number series and 16 questions from general aptitude.each que consists of only 2.15m..prepare M4MATHS for 1st round that is more than enough to crack…general aps include TIME AND DISTANCE,TIME AND WORK,PROBABILITY,AVERAGE,RATION AND PROPORTION.mainly m4maths and indiabix is enough for both tests..

At the same time after you complete the aptitude test continuously you have to take english communication test..

It consists of 22 questions to be completed within 20 min with no timer on screen,.you have keep track on time..

out of 720..72 got selected..There will be a mass elimination in 1st round..They will take only 10% of total numbers

2nd day : Tech + HR interview

I was the first person to attend the interview.took almost 35 min i think

self intro

Asked me to write avg of numbers in c,

Asked me (a-b)3 formula,,

speak atleast 10 sentences about your favourite sports

President name,defence minister name,home minister name,

About IBM,

general quetions like strength,weakness

Thats all i can remember sorry,,

R u comfortable working in J&k or anywhere around INDIA ?

In this out of 72..61 got placed.Hope this will help you for your preparation,,If u clear the 1st round then your are almost there to enter into IBM.U have to speak thats enough..All the best..cheers

Tarun Jain
November 4, 2016

thank you for sharing : )

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