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EMC Drive Pattern + Application Link ( 2016 Batch )

Posted On 06-10-2016 At 11:36 PM

Tarun Jain ( Admin )
REF ID : 10291
Note : For referral based job updates join our Facebook community. You can connect with over one lakh jobseekers and recruiters to find suitable employee referral for a job vacancy. Our team has been running this group for past three years and we have helped with the placement of many candidates. This is an ads free group without any website or sponsored content promotion. You will find only genuine and relevant information in the group.
Link :

You Need To Apply Through Employee referral By Going Through This Link ->

There are 6 rounds totally.

1- Group discussion or jam :
Just be prepared on one topic perfectly for one minute. They’ll give you 2 or 3minutes to think and then talk on it.(topic of your choice).

2. Technical aptitude and essay writing :
There were 4 topics on essay writing(social networking, e-commerce, digital India , 4th I can’t remember? )you need to choose any one and write an essay on it
They’ll give you a sheet of technical questions , objectives basically with consists of SAN , OS, DBMS,CN and 2 or 3 questions related to EMC products.Questions are quite easy, all you need to do is go through the basics.

3. Case study round :
They’ll give you a document which has basic defination and functionality of five different raids and a problem solved based on it. They will give you a typical scenario where the customer needs , certain requirements and you need to solve the problem and find out which raid you can suggest them.

4 Technical face to face interview :
Questions on the previous round, why did you choose to assign that particular raid to the customer, questions on your resume(They asked me why is you’re percentage so and so,questions on my certifications etc) .
They won’t ask technical questions, questions will be more on the case study they assigned in the previous round

5 Managerial round :
Tell me about yourself, explain your project,questions on hobbies, what’s your favorite subject and why, why you wanna join EMC .
MR round is purely based on luck (it depends on the interviewer, one lady was rejecting most of them and but I had got some other person, he was gentle and he was selecting most of them)

6 HR round :
Very basic questions !!
How was your day?
Are you ready for night shifts?
And finally he asked me , do you have any questions?
They will select close to 30 people and then they’ll do ranking on top 20 performers and select them and mail you the results within a week


Tarun Jain
October 6, 2016

EMC Referral Id Given With The Post . Remember To Subscribe To Our Newsletter For Job Updates
Kindly Let Me Know If You Need Any Help With Application Process Or Have Any Other Queries You Can Also Reach Me At ( 1. EMC : emp id: 156078 || 2. EMP ID :157568 || 3. EMP ID :157567 )

Rohan Nevatia
October 6, 2016

How I can get employee referral I don’t knw any1 in this company

Tarun Jain
October 7, 2016

use the employee id mentioned in the comments and apply using the job link

Neetha Priya
October 7, 2016

When will be the drive

neha singh
October 7, 2016

@Tarun sir, where the drive is going to be held… and when…

neha singh
October 7, 2016

@Tarun sir, do you have any referral id of employee who is working in Fujitsu….. I have to fill application form of fujitsu….

Ruchitha reddy r
October 7, 2016

Sir we are not able to register. When we trt to submit it’s showing as alredy registered, wherein I’m doing it for the first time.

Tarun Jain
October 7, 2016

@Ruchita : Change Your Primary Mail id For Registration
Did You Contact Any EMC Employee Previously For This Referral Drive ?
He / She Might Have Filled The Form On Your Behalf

Ruchitha reddy r
October 7, 2016

No sir I didn’t contact anyone. And I tried with different mail id also

Shubham Shekhar
October 7, 2016

Sir,we are not able to register as Everytime we are submitting the form its showing already registered as I. Doing it for the first time. I have tried it by changing the primary email id also but the same message is showing i.e already registered.

Tarun Jain
October 10, 2016

Hello Guys , Please Try To Register Using A Different Referral Id And Revert Whether That Worked Or Not

Neelaksh Mishra
October 19, 2016

Sir it says details already exists

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