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Career Guidance For Cracking Interview

Posted On 10-10-2016 At 01:44 PM

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Hello sir , I m a Mtech CSE 2016 passout plz guide me about how to crack interview…..wht type of preparations are needed ???? In detail…..


Tarun Jain
October 10, 2016

Are You Targeting A Particular Company Or Do You Need Basic Information And Tips Regarding Preparation

Rajasekharreddy Vaka
October 10, 2016

Basics on what u know like java oracle testing etc…..need some apt and LR.
but good communication skills no one look for technical if ur good in communication
look in indiabix r glassdoor for company interviews.

Shruti Hegdekar
October 12, 2016

Hello tarun sir i need basic info and tips for preparing

Tarun Jain
October 12, 2016

I find the best way to effectively prep for an interview is to have answers to the below five questions. Having good answers to these questions will ensure that you have done your research adequately.

1. “Walk me through your resume.”
Have A Succinct Answer To This (2-3 minutes). You Can Start With Your Basic Introduction That You Prepare And Come To Your Keyskills And Your Achievements In College . Include Your Projects And Internships And Always Remeber To mention Things Relevant To The Position You Are Applying For.

2. “Why do you want this job?”
A good way to structure this answer is to answer in two parts. “So first let me talk about why I am passionate about [company] and then I’ll explain why I think [role] is an ideal gig for me.

Major point of advice: Do NOT play too-cool-for-school. be passionate about the company. I’ve seen a lot of talented candidates get dinged by not showing a sincere level of enthusiasm. Why is this so important to get right? First, it’s flattering to the interviewer (who already works there). Second, it is absolutely going to be a check mark in the process. It doesn’t matter if the company is pursuing you every step of the way, you need the interviewer to like you and most often the person interviewing you won’t know all that context.

3. Why should we hire you?
Once again, they won’t ask you this, but helps you tell your story. With examples.
One effective structure for an answer goes something like this: “From what I understand about the company and role, it seems you are looking for someone with x, y, z. If you look at my experience and interests, I think you’ll find strengths in all three of these areas. For example…”

4. Give me some example of when you have done [exactly the skill they are looking for] in the past.
People are so skewed to wanting someone who has done this before. Like exactly this. It hugely decreases the time you’ll need to get up to speed, and decreases the chance that you’ll completely suck.
Prepare 2 or 3 interesting stories about when you’ve demonstrated a similar project in the past. Make sure they are interesting. People see past success as a huge indicator.

5. How would you go about doing [thing you need to do]?
Eg for a PM: tell me some product ideas? How would you change feature x?) (eg 2 for a Brand Marketer: “how would you write a creative brief?”) (eg 3 for BD;: What’s the most impactful BD we can do next year? How would you get it done?”

5. Do you have any questions for me?
If you haven’t already, get the interviewers background. Have two or three insightful questions about the company, which demonstrate why you are passionate about the place. Then end with one of these “what are you most proud of since you’ve started working here?”, “where do you see this team/company in 5 years”, or the best: “how would you describe the ideal candidate for this position?” (if they remotely like you they will describe you.)

The Night Before
Listen to 2-3 videos of the CEO talk about the company. You’ll pick up verbiage unique to the company (for example- do they call the people who use their service users? Customers? Riders? Pinners?) which will make you seem like you speak their language. Subtle but powerful.

How to Dress?
Dress comfortable and when in doubt look at the executives on the about me page. Dress like that.

Things to remember (before, after, and during the interview):
– Be passionate about the company. This is so important. Resist the urge to be aloof and cool.
– Be interested in the interviewer.
– Be positive.
– Be honest.
– Be thankful for people’s time.
– Remember that all you can do is give it 100%. If you try as hard as you can and still don’t get the offer, that’s life.

Tarun Jain
October 12, 2016

You Have Not Mentioned The Type Of Interview So These Are The Basic Steps That You Must Follow To Preform Well In An Interview

Shruti Hegdekar
October 13, 2016

As a fresher in a software company

Tarun Jain
October 13, 2016

How Is Your Aptitude(Verbal , DI And Reasoning) , Technical (BASICS), Spoken Communication (Presentation , Resume Explanation, GD , PI)? Where Do You Lack And Need To Work On ? I Will Guide You Accordingly .

Shruti Hegdekar
October 13, 2016

Quantitative apti I m weak….technical basics not up to the mark

Shruti Hegdekar
October 13, 2016

Not getting what al to study in basics

Tarun Jain
October 13, 2016

For Aptitude You Can Do The Following
First of all, you need to know that majority of companies conduct there Aptitude test online. And 100% of them are objective type.
Sections covered under this head are:-
1. Quantitative Aptitude.
2. Logical Reasoning.
3. Verbal.

This book is indispensable for aptitude exams. No other book will clear you concepts as profoundly as this one. Many times, questions are asked directly from this book (with same numerical values).
Always keep in mind that not all the topics within Quant are equally important.
Lay more emphasis on topics like :-
1. Time & Work.
2. Number Systems.
3. Probability, Permutation & Combination (Little differences between these 2 topics).
4. Time & Distance.
5. Percentages & Ratios.

But, the questions asked vary from company to company, so don’t take risk and try to cover as much as you can.
There are some topics which you can wholeheartedly discard :-
1. Stocks & Shares.
2. Races & Games of Skill.
3. Logarithms.
4. True Discount.
5. Banker’s Discount.

P.S – This book will also help you in preparing for government exams.

As such, I didn’t refer to any book for this section. But if you want, you can go for “VERBAL & NON VERBAL REASONING BY R.S AGGARWAL”
Again, all topics are not supposed to be given equal efforts. Pay more heed to :-
1. Series Completion (Extremely important).
2. Puzzle Test (more commonly called as Seating Arrangement)
3. Blood relations.
4. Direction test.
5. Coding Decoding

Usually, from what I have seen, picture based questions are not asked. Or even if they are, they are in scarce amount. But still, I don’t want you to take a risk.
Again, this book too will help you in cracking government exams.

Most common questions asked in this section are :-
1. Reading Comprehension (Extremely important).
2. Para Jumbles.
3. Fill in the blanks (Based on Grammar).
4. Synonyms & Antonyms.
5. Summary of a Para (Don’t worry, options will be there)

For this section, read as much as you can. Reading will improve your comprehension and also vocabulary. Reading will help you in all of the above mentioned topics.
I referred to just online material for this section.
Go to websites like:-
Make this website your bible. This single source can place you in multiple companies. It contains interview experiences, previous placement papers, section wise questions and what not. Every resource you require is there on this website.
All the Best!!!
P.S This was only about “APTITUDE SECTION”. Write in comments if you want me to write an answer on the “TECHNICAL SECTION” too.

Tarun Jain
October 13, 2016

you can prepare basic programming interview questions form this site

Tarun Jain
October 13, 2016

it should help with your technical : )

Shruti Hegdekar
October 15, 2016

Thank u sir for apti…….plz do guide me on how to crack technical round……

Shruti Hegdekar
October 17, 2016

Sir plz do guide me on technical part too

Tarun Jain
October 17, 2016


Shruti Hegdekar
October 20, 2016

Hello Sir need ur guidance on technical part asap

Tarun Jain
October 20, 2016

Hello Shruti , Sorry For The Late Reply . You Should Have Basic Knowledge Of Any One Programming language Of Your Choice . You Should Know How To Write Code In That Language For Proper Technical Interviews But You Can Mostly Clear Hr Rounds With Basic Algorithms When Asked . Please Let Me Know About The Programming Language Which You Think You Can Learn Or Have A Grip Of So That I Can Refer Some Books And Websites .

Shruti Hegdekar
October 24, 2016

C. C++ Java sql

Shruti Hegdekar
October 28, 2016

Sir reply plzzz

Shruti Hegdekar
November 8, 2016

Tarun sir waiting for ur response asap

Shruti Hegdekar
March 2, 2017

Sir Plz Suggest me website Name for HTML and CSS interview Questions

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