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Study Material For Deloitte.

Posted On 13-09-2016 At 06:11 AM

Nikhil Sanjay Kharate
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Please provide what should i study for Deloitte Business technology Analyst (Aptitude and Technical)


Tarun Jain
September 13, 2016

Tarun Jain
September 13, 2016

This Is An Interview Experience Of A Candidate Who Appeared For The Drive For The Same Post
Dear sir as requested by you i am sharing this experience .I Applied for job through College Recruitment for Business Technology Analyst role at Deloitte

Interview Process
Group Discussion
HR Interview

Round 1
Duration 60 Minutes
Interview Experience The first round was an online test conducted by Aspiring Minds which consisted of 3 sections- Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative and Logical Reasoning. The test is adaptive, similar to GMAT. There is no negative marking. Each section is timed separately and you cannot go back to an attempted question.
Interview Tips The basic approach should be to keep moving on. If you get stuck somewhere, just pick any choice and move on. Attempting all questions is very important in AMCAT since the questions are pretty easy, the real challenge is speed. Remember the difficulty of questions in an exam does not make it easy or difficult, in fact the competition does. Approximately 50-60% of the applicants are rejected after the test.
If you are preparing for CAT or GMAT, you would find the test very easy. Also since the test is adaptive, you might find the difficulty level of questions increase as you walk through the test, do not worry it happens if you are answering correctly and quickly.

Round 2
Group Discussion
Interview Experience 70 students (about 40%) were shortlisted for the second round which was a Case Group Discussion. Groups of 7 were made and we were given a case which is basically a client situation. We were given about 2 minutes to read and understand the case and 4 questions followed the case. The main task was to build a business analytics solution for the client and the requirements for the same. After 2 minutes the interviewer heard from each one of us just to check how well we had understood the case, following which we were given an A1 size sheet and markers. We had to discuss the case among ourselves and keep penning down the main points or whatever we felt was important for the presentation. We were given exactly 10 minutes for planning and solving the case, while the interviewer was quietly sitting and observing us and marking us at the same time. After 10 mins, a new interviewer came in for the presentation wherein we had to discuss whatever we had planned and thought of. Our case consisted of 4 questions, so we had divided the questions among ourselves. Then the main part of the GD began where everything was being noticed and graded. The interviewer had professionally set a timer in his phone for 10 minutes and the GD lasted exactly 10 mins. 3 people out of 7 were selected for personal interviews from our group.
Interview Tips I would advise you to practice some mock cases before sitting for the process. You can find many of them on Youtube. This would really help. In a case GD, speaking too less or too much can get you in trouble. Make sure you speak moderately and do not waste everyone’s time. Be precise and to the the point, that’s what the interviewer wants. Also the profile demands that you speak more about the implementation of the IT solution that you will provide instead of talking about other irrelevant issues. Do not try to dominate the in group, just be courteous to your fellow group members and listen to them carefully when they speak. Do not interrupt someone, let others finish when you wish to speak. You will also be judged on how you work and coordinate with others as a team. These factors do matter but not as much as the relevance of what you speak. Some candidates were rejected solely because I felt they were wasting time and driving the discussion towards off topic issues. Just stick to the questions asked in the case. Speak at a moderate volume so that everyone is able to hear, being too loud won’t help.

Round 3
HR Interview
Interview Experience My interview lasted 15 minutes and the interviewer seemed pretty impressed. The first question was “Tell me something about yourself”. I began with an introduction about my background, school etc. Then discussed my interests and work experience. Then the interviewer questioned me about my experiences and intership which was purely technical. Then he asked other expected questions like “What do you know about Deloitte”, “Why do you wish to work for Deloitte?” and “Where do you see yourself 3 years from now?”. I had researched about Deloitte pretty well as it was one of my most desired companies. So I could easily explain what Deloitte does and present some facts as well. I explained that the profile they were offering required perfect balance of software skills and non technical skills. I possessed them, I liked solving cases and analyzing data so I would fit in this role perfectly. Since my coding skills were not great but affluent for this job and I would always want a job which requires interaction with the client instead of sitting in front of a PC all the time, coding. I would also love to solve problems on a large scale and see Fortune 500 companies implement my solutions. In the near future, I would wish to get promoted to a Consultant from BTA as soon as possible. The interviewer was pretty impressed with my answer and then he asked some very simple programming questions. One I remember was to check if a string is a palindrome. I explained each and every step while building the algorithm. I think all he wanted to hear was the approach and I was not even asked to write any code. Then I was asked about my internship and the role I played there. I interned at a start up as the Associate Product Architect, so I explained everything and what I had learnt there working in a team. Then I was asked a guess estimation question which was again pretty simple. Overall the interview was more of an HR interview rather than technical.
Interview Tips I would advice you to be confident and always have eye contact with the interviewer. There are various parameters on which you will be graded so do not worry if you mess up something or are not able to answer a particular question because you can always recover. You are there to convince the interviewer that if he/she hires you, you would really be an asset to the company. The most important thing is researching and understanding the company before you go for the HR interview. The more you know about the company, the happier the interviewer would be. Also, research and figure how you would fit in the role offered by them. The was biggest mistake I made while sitting for other companies likes ZS Associates was that I didn’t do my research work well due to lack of time and was rejected in the last round.

Skills Tested : Aptitude , Programming , Analytical skills , Communication , Verbal ability , Logical thinking

Tarun Jain
September 13, 2016

ANOTHER INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE || Shared By Aryaa Suresh ( A Selected Candidate )

Application : I was interviewed on-campus at PES Institute Of Technology, Bangalore West Campus, Bangalore for Business Technology Analyst role at Deloitte

Interview Process : Test Group Discussion HR Interview

Round 1 : Test
Duration : 60 Minutes
Interview Experience : This is all as of August 2016 in Bangalore.
The areas were Quant, Verbal and Logical Reasoning.
Vendor:- AMCAT from Aspiring Minds. Sample papers from the vendor:-
No Negative Marking ; Computer Adaptive Test (CAT)
No scrolling back and forward from questions.
No. of students selected 100
Interview Tips The Verbal section requires you to know Dictionary definitions of random words. If your lucky, you’ll know them. Some of them get easy words and some of them don’t.
Make sure your vocab is good for this. Apart from the word def’s , very basic grammar questions. No specific prep req.
Quant is simple. Basic math. Make sure you know RS Agarwal well. You’ll sail through this section even with avg quantitative aptitude.
Logical is real simple. Commonsensical questions.

Round 2 : Group Discussion
Interview Experience
GD in total happened for about 30-35 min.
9-10 people per GD and 12 such GD groups making for a 100 in total.
Per GD group one dude/dudette from deloitte who keeps monitoring the proceedings.
Mediating the GD will give you a lot of Brownie points! You should have leadership skills not domineering skills!
From most of the groups 1-2 people were selected. But from my group and from another GD group 6-7 people were selected.Thanks to the fact that we all discussed and split our work and coordinated amongst ourselves. REMEMBER, you are trying to come up with a solution as a GROUP! NOT ARGUE/DEBATE on the case.
20 Min- Come up with a soln for all 3 questions based on the Case. Then Chart out the solution on an A2 asized chart
10 Min- 2nd Deloitte dude/dudette comes in to see you present as a group.
Interview Tips Ofcourse as you’ve heard from your seniors. It is a case study! Prepare from here:-
*Link opens only on a comp. Needs flash player. Wont open on a smartphone*
Make sure you have decent knowledge about
1) ERP’s, CRM’s
2)SDLC Method
3)AGILE Method
The URL will give you a lot of info of the pre-requisite knowledge. Its exactly like how the mock is given in the URL. Very similar cases. Make sure your prepared.

Round 3 : HR Interview
Interview Experience : After the GD. About 50 of us were selected for the Interview round.
One on One.
Know your resume through and through. Make sure you revisit all the projects that you have done. Most of them might be a year old and you might not remember the details. Refresh your memory of what all you’ve done.
Most of my interview was focused on my resume.
One personality test question. One Technical question, related to my branch. Basic question.
NO questions on why deloitte? or what do you know about deloitte?
Remember every interview is subjected to the interviewer. So dont draw any conclusions from this. I am just sharing my experience.
Interview Tips Be confident.
Make sure you know what youve done in your Resume.
Stay cool.
Stay calm.

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