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JAVA Training Institute

Posted On 30-09-2016 At 10:48 AM

Shahbaz Khan
REF ID : 10045
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Hello Tarun Sir , Do you know best training institute in Mumbai for JAVA which also provides placement assistance.



Gaurav Rajpal
September 30, 2016

profound edutech in pune and mumbai

Tarun Jain
September 30, 2016

Although I feel my points have already been told earlier by someone else but as I was requested to answer this so here it is:
You can get the best Java classes online and nowhere else
Java Tutorial Blog ( )
Javatpoint – A Solution of all Technology ( )
Java Tutorial ( )
YouTube as always
Oracle Java Docs
And so many else out there almost free of cost.
Yes I understand few people feel the need of a guide or tutor who can clear out your doubts but to be a great developer you will face lots and lots of issues and thus the skill of SELF LEARNING AND IMPLEMENTATION needs to be mastered.
So I guess you can be in any part of the world these sites will at least be enough for you to build a great base.

Tarun Jain
September 30, 2016

If you want a name you can try VEDANT at Mumbai ( )

Shahbaz Khan
September 30, 2016

profound edutech is not conducting any new batch after 17 Aug…

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