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AMCAT or ELITMUS ? which is better

Posted On 01-09-2016 At 10:18 PM

Shahbaz Khan
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Hello Tarun Sir,
I am B.E. Computers 2016 Passout, I am confused about exam Placement assistance exam.
Which exam should i go for Good Placement Assistance.


Tarun Jain
September 1, 2016

Both are unique in their own perspective. AMCAT is way easier than elitmus if you compare the questions.

AMCAT focus on overall skills and so along with aptitude and logical reasoning, you will be tested on computer language skills (C,C++, Java,SQL), while elitmus focuses only on aptitude, logical reasoning and English.

Test score of AMCAT is comprehensive and very detailed but it can be fooled, in many ways. On other hand elitmus just gives you only the percentile but doesn’t mention what is the cut off criteria for companies- partly because companies keep different cut off levels, but even then no one knows what’s the cut off for a company.

Opportunities and Package- elitmus surely scores on this one. AMCAT Seldom offers a reputed company a number of such companies can be listed for elitmus (Khosla Labs, National Instruments, Intel Securities (McCafee), RBS, Citigroup, Black Rock, Barracuda etc.). And while these companies take students with good cut off, their package is also very good, probably in region of 5-7 LPA, which is very good, for a fresher.

Overall, elitmus is much tougher and better as compared to AMCAT. I would suggest you to prepare for elitmus for one and a half month and then have the first go. Don’t worry about English- it’s easy. The logical and aptitude, though are hard to crack.

krishnanshu tyagi
September 1, 2016

Elitmus is better bro….I have too many calls through Elitmus.

mojahid ahmad
September 1, 2016

sir as i successfully applied for referral drive of IBM . so sir please guide me how to prepare for this exam

mojahid ahmad
September 1, 2016

and expected date for examination?????

Shahbaz Khan
September 1, 2016

Thank You Sir
I will think about suggestion

Parnapati sravani
September 2, 2016
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