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2015 Graduate Engineer seeking for a job

Posted On 20-09-2016 At 07:36 AM

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Hello Good morning Tarun Sir, I’m a 2015 graduated engineer with ECE as my main stream. Since I graduated I had my plans to do MS in USA so in that process i have given GRE,IELTS ¬†and got scores too.I got my I20’s and all I was about to book my visa slot for this fall intake but unfortunately in the last minute I couldn’t make it USA due to reasons. In that period of one year,in the dreams of USA i didn’t attended any interviews, and in the month of june this year i have decided to stay back here in India, and started taking classes on Software Testing ,core java(I thought learning java or .net will take long period of time and I have already wasted one year). It’s been more than a month now that I have completed my course on software testing but there are no openings in Hyderabad and I can’t afford more time I don’t wanna be burden to my family so I’m thinking to shift to Bangalore, even I don’t have any references in Bangalore also. Will it worth migrating to Bangalore considering all the facts compare to Hyderabad, please help me sir I’m getting depressed day by day since all are getting their jobs.Please suggest me sir what should I do.
Thanking you Sir.


Tarun Jain
September 20, 2016

Hello Venkatesh , I Have Gone Through Your Post And The First Thing Which Would Like To Say Is That Life Does Not Always Turn Out To Be Like We Want It To But It Does Not Mean It Won’t Get Better From What Comes Next . Never Regret For Things That Did Not Happen As You Do Not Know The Outcome For Those Things . Children Are Never Burden For Their Parents And If You Get Cranky And Angry And Loose Patience This Will Only Tense The Situation At Your Home Even More . I Know Each And Every Parent Has A Lot Of Hope From Their Child But Getting Away From Them Is No Option . You Must Talk To Your Parents And Take Their Advice Too . 10 Minutes With Them Will Bring Your Life On The Right Track . Firstly , Please Take Out Some Time To Do So . Secondly , Go For elitmus And AMCAT Tests .. This Will Definitely Boost Your Moral . Try To Get ( Any ) Score By Applying For The Test For Trail Purpose And Understand The Pattern And Type Of Questions Asked.Know Your Level Of Preparation. Once You Get A Score You Will Start Getting Calls From Companies (Depending On Your Score) . You Might Not Always Be Interested In Attending These Interview But This Will Boost Your Confidence And Help You Think Straight. Apply For Code Challenges From Different Companies And Find Out Such Openings In Companies (Ex : ) . Apply For This Test . Attend The Full Procedure As This Will Help You Get Into A Renowned Company. Follow Job Updates On This Site And Register On Other Job Sites / Portals Too . Subscribe To Their Newsletter And Check Your Mail Regularly.Work Smart Instead Of Working Hard. Check This List : testing companies in hyderabad&tbs=lf:1,lf_ui:2,lf_pqs:EAE&rflfq=1&rlha=0&rllag=17489572,78402414,7642&tbm=lcl&rldimm=16036813531401750973 . Go To Each Company Website And Check Career Section . Also Send Mail To HR Of Each Company If Mail Id Is Mentioned On The Company Site . Increase Your Visibility To The Recruiters. Develop Your Profile On Linkedin And Connect With Your Seniors , College Friends And School Friends On Professional Sites And Ask Them For Help . Let Us Say At A Minimum , Out Of 50 One Will Definitely Help. You Know All These People So They Will Definitely Make An Effort To help You . It Is Not Wrong To Ask For Help. You Can Return The Favour When You Are In A Better Position In Life . Check This Link : . Check Companies Which Are Suitable To Your Stream And Certifications And Keep Applying For Jobs . Never Stop Trying .

Andea Venkatesh Varma
September 20, 2016

Thank you for your feedback Sir, Yes I have given the AMCAT Test but I had given that when I’m in over confidence of making to USA, so I took it very lightly and didn’t gave my performance.Even though I got good percentiles in every module except the C programming (I scored only 32 percentile, and companies look on this C program skills only for freshers I guess) so I’m not getting shortlisted for any of their drives (Is it true if we don’t attend the interviews even after getting shortlisted might affect in further drives and AMCAT won’t shortlist us, I have shortlisted for few customer support jobs so I didn’t attended them) . And what about migrating to Bangalore Sir, even your daily posts also clarifying that there are more in drives in Bangalore than Hyderabad.

Thanking You Sir

Tarun Jain
September 20, 2016

Please Focus On Giving eLitmus With Good Preparation .. It Will Help You Get A Good Package Job In South Itself . The Paper Is Of CAT Level So Prepare Well And Give.

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