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Pattern Of In Resume Filtering And Shortlisting

Posted On 16-08-2016 At 09:53 AM

Tarun Jain ( Admin )
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Hello All Members , Hope You Are Doing Good . I Am Writing This As I Have Received A Number Of Messages Where Job Seekers Say That They Are Not Receiving Calls From Naukri , Monster And Other Job Portals Including GoFresher . As Discussed With A Friend Working In Naukri I Would Like To Inform You That There Are A Number Of Factors You Need To Keep In Mind While Uploading Your Resume Online

Let Us Understand The Following :
1. These Sites are just like Social network sites (Facebook or twitter for instance). I mean, when you update your information in your fb profile or upload a picture, it will appear on your friend’s input feed. It will appear for quite some time in their feed and then disappears as days pass by, when your post becomes inactive. But, let’s say you are commenting/editing/your friends are liking your pic/post, so then it will be appearing on your friend’s feed, because your post is still active — Exactly this is the logic in job portals too. If you are editing your profile in the portal REGULARLY , it will be appearing in recruiters page, as long as you are updating your profile FREQUENTLY.

So you have to keep editing your profile, AT LEAST ONCE A DAY. Editing can just be adding a space, changing the spelling or something like that, just to keep the profile active. When you are editing your profile, recruiters see that your profile is really active and will contact you. Profiles not edited for some time would mean that you are not actively looking for job and hence recruiters will not contact you.

Keep These Points In Mind While Uploading Your Resume :
1) Updated Resume : Many Job Seekers Upload Their Resume Which They Have Developed After College And Is Not Upto Date ( 3 – 12 Months Old ) . If There Is A Huge Gap In Time Where Your Resume Was Last Updated Then The Resume Loses Its Relevance As The Recruiter Cannot Make Out What Did You Do In That Time Gap After Uploading Your Resume And What Your Current Status Is. He Might Think That You Are Not Looking For A Job Currently And Other Job Seekers Get Ahead Of You As They Have A Recently Updated Profile .

2) Proper Resume : This might seem boring or too much effort to you, but time invested in good resume building you will reap for years. But here are few tips, which are must:
i)Make sure you have inputs from couple of your friends. Your resume should perused by at least 3-4 persons.
ii)Without any exception your resume should not cross 2 pages. Ideally it should be one or one-and-a-half page.
iii)Your personal information, hobbies, address, and other details should only be at the last end of the resume.
iv)Just by looking first half of the page it should clear, your name, contact details, your years of experience, the skills-technologies and proficient with, and job role you are looking for. There should be no confusion in role, for example you are looking for manager, or PM, or developer, or ops engineer.
It should have consistent formatting. For example, whatever font and font-size you have chosen, it should be consistent across. For example, if your heading is “Times New Roman, bold, 14”, that should be the case for all headings. Similarly if your bullet listing ends with full-stop, then all bullet-listing should end with full-stop.
v)Write career-objective without which your resume will be incomplete, or cast a wrong impression.

3) Keywords : Make sure your resume has couple of keywords. For example, C, C++, Android, Hadoop, Testing and so. Also, many recruiters are not familiar with technology. So if possible mention both, for example if you work in databases, make sure somewhere in your resume DB, database, and post gre, all are mentioned.The resumes are filtered on the basis of keywords entered by a recruiter for a job vacancy he posts on naukri and if these keywords are missing from your resume that it will not be shortlisted and the recruiter will never come to know that you exist. Make sure you are stuffing your resume with the right keywords before uploading it on job portals.

Remember that Naukri offers you to have multiple profiles so that you can apply for roles which are different from each other. Naukri has a meter which measures completeness of profile. Make it 100%.

4) LinkedIN : Apart from this, I will suggest be active on Linkedin. Build your network. Job portals is one of many ways to find a job. There are other ways. And remember great job opportunities are always hidden and rarely advertised. Many people underestimate Linkedin profile, but based on my experience with the Recruiters over the years, a good LinkedIn profile is the key to your selection. Many a times, recruiters search for candidates on LinkedIn and if they like your profile, they get your profile from Naukri or any job site.


Tarun Jain
August 16, 2016

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Harani jayarao
August 16, 2016

Thanks for the valuable information sir.

August 16, 2016

my name is vivek i belongs to hyderabad and i completed btech and looking for job in a good company

Tarun Jain
August 16, 2016

Hello Vivek , You Can Check Hyderabad ob Updates Here :

Tarun Jain
August 16, 2016

Welcome Jayarao 🙂

Nishan Sintre
August 16, 2016

My name is Nishan i belongs to Bangalore and i completed MCA and looking for job in a good company

Tarun Jain
August 16, 2016

Hello Nishan , You Can Check Bangalore Job Updates Here :

poshettywar baswaraj
August 18, 2016

hi sir iam baswaraj n iam completed in 2016 ,can u find me job sir

Akshay bajaj
August 21, 2016

My name is Akshay i belongs to indore and i completed B.E. in Mechanical Engineering and looking for job in a good company.

Vinay kumar singh
December 19, 2016

My name is Akshay i belongs to indore and i completed B.E. in Mechanical Engineering and looking for job in a good company

Vinay kumar singh
December 19, 2016

My name is vinay i belongs to jabalpur and i completed B.E. in electrical Engineering and looking for job in a good company…can u guide me in grabbing it

chaitra k
March 31, 2017

Hello Tarun sir,
My name is chaitra k ,I completed BE (ECE) with 75% aggregate in 2016, I am looking for a job from many days but i didn’t get any till now , I would request you please help me getting a job , can you please provide me a referral for any company, sir I would love to work in accenture please provide me a referral for that sir

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