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Posted On 31-08-2016 At 01:16 PM

Ajinkya Chinta
REF ID : 8805
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Hello Tarun sir,
This is Ajinkya Chinta from Solapur. I am a BE CSE graduate from 2016 batch. I have good programing skills and aptitude. The only problem is i have 56% in 12th otherwise 61% in BE and 82% in 10th.So just because of 12th % i have not got many opportunities. Can you suggest some companies where 56% in 12th is acceptable.


Tarun Jain
August 31, 2016

Try Getting Into Small Scale Companies And Startups Or Try To Approach Your Seniors And Contacts On Linkedin And Ask Them To Help You Get Into Companies Through Their Reference

Tarun Jain
August 31, 2016

You Will Find Better Opportunities In Metropolitan Cities

Tarun Jain
August 31, 2016

If You Have Good Programming Skills And Aptitude Give AMCAT And eLitmus Exams

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