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Future Scope Of Course In MSBI

Posted On 15-08-2016 At 10:56 PM

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Sir I am planning to do Course in MSBI. Does MSBI have future application.I did (ECE) and I’m 2016 passout.
will I get job after doing this course??
should I go for the course??

Or should go for JAVA course?? 

And can you name some institute in chennai which provides good course in the above language..


Tarun Jain
August 15, 2016

MSBI is good and is gaining importance but your job will be limited to the tools used on the other hand a programming language like java opens door to many more platforms and languages to work on and has a good number of job openings too

Tarun Jain
August 15, 2016

For java in chennai try Naresh i Technologies,adyar.Compared to NIIT they charge much less and will teach you from the scratch.If possible try to take up the classes by Mr.Nagaraj.He teaches very well. You Can Also Go For FITA In Chennai For The Same

Nishan Sintre
August 15, 2016


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