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Starting in Data Science Field

Posted On 13-07-2016 At 11:40 AM

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I have huge interest in data science but have little idea how to start with the same! Any company that hires intern for data science, or full time and train them. Please provide me the references who can help me with the same.



Tarun Jain
July 13, 2016

To learn data science you must know matrix factorisations , distributed computing , statistical analysis , optimisation , signal detection , estimation and machine learning . These have lot of job opportunities of their own . What is your maximum qualification ? I might be able to guide you better according to that .

Swamy Yadav S
July 13, 2016

Hello tarun sir. Even I have interest in data science. My qualification is btech in cse

Tarun Jain
July 13, 2016

There are few companies in India which can hire you without any prior experience in Data Science. Some of them are Impetus, Mu-sigma, etc. Find their HR on LinkedIn and apply. Package may not be that great but you can start your career in the field you want.Real life data is dirty and what they teach you in these courses are the concepts. So, you need to go little further in this. One of the most common jobs is an analyst position at a company that focuses on it like SAS, Cloudera, Teradata and others including those that focus on these.Evalueserve, hires analysts, who have demonstrated an aptitude for data science, for entry level jobs in many of their offices around the world.You can write to If there is a need in one of their offices, and they see a potential fit, someone will revert.

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