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Ask Your Doubts ( 04 / 07 / 2016 )

Posted On 04-07-2016 At 01:03 PM

Tarun Jain ( Admin )
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Hello Job Seekers ,
Kindly Share If You have Any Doubts And I Will Respond As Per My Knowledge .
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Just Wanted To Say One Thing That You Guys Get Negative At The End Of The Day If You Do Not Get A Job But Forget That It Is Not The End Of The World .. You Need To Try Harder And Stay Motivated .. Do Not Pay Attention To What Others Are Saying Just Concentrate On Yourself And Try Harder .. Try To Use Resources To The Best .. Contact Company Employees .. Seniors Or Others Who Can Help .. Try To Get A Job In A Small Company But Do Try And Do Not Worry ..

This Story Might Give You Some Motivation : )
Colonel Harland Sanders || Founder at Kentucky Fried Chicken®

Everyone thinks I’m a big success, what with inventing the world’s best fried chicken and all. But before that, I spent 65 years doing a whole mess of jobs poorly. I was born in 1890 in Henryville, Indiana, and my life just got crazier from there. Here’s a little summary that includes some unique aspects of my youth before I became the chicken-cooking Colonel you know today.

I dropped out of sixth grade because I didn’t like math and because I needed to work to earn money to take care of my mother, my brother and my sister after my father died. I worked on a farm until I was 15. Then I got a job as a streetcar conductor in New Albany, Indiana. In 1906 I joined the Army and looked after mules in Cuba. Then I was a railroad man for the Illinois Central Railroad. Then I got my law degree from Southern University. After that, I moved to Jeffersonville, Indiana where I sold insurance. Then I was secretary at the Chamber of Commerce in Columbus, Indiana. Then I delivered babies. Then I sold tires. Then I started a ferryboat company. Years later I would run for political office. Then I opened my own gas station. People started asking me where they could get a bite to eat and that led me to opening my fried chicken restaurant. Governor Ruby Laffoon loved it so much he made me a Colonel. At age 65, I had finally found the thing I could do better than anyone in the world: cook fried chicken.

Forgive me, folks. I cannot remember all of the exact dates during which I held these jobs.

It Is Necessary To Keep Moving In Life : )
Do Mistakes
Learn From Them
I Am With You : )


Harsih Khandelwal
July 4, 2016

hello sir , kindly let me know how to prepare for aptitude rounds ?

Tarun Jain
July 4, 2016

Hello Harish . There Are A Number Of Sites And Books That Will Help You With This .
Try RS Agarwal And Arun Sharma Quanti Apti Books And Solve Questions On Sites Like ( / / / / / ) .
If You Are Preparing Specifically For A Company , You Need To Keep In Mind That You Can Search For “Placement Papers From Company Name” On Google And Try To Solve Those Papers For Practice .

vimal singh
July 5, 2016

sir could you plz tell me consultency in bangalore , i have completed B.E in IT in 2014 . still not get a job . i am new in bangalore came few days back. my agregate % is less than 60%.

Tarun Jain
July 5, 2016

Check These Consultancies ( Different People Give Different Reviews So Do Research From Your Side Too )
1> Careernet ( they don’t ask money)
2> Techrel (ask money after the job)
3> Magna infotech(they don’t ask money)
4 > acropetal( they don’t ask money)
5> Adecco (they don’t ask money)
6> Melstar infotech( they don’t ask money)
7> WDC consultancy( they don’t ask money)
8> CBSI India( they don’t ask money)
9> Micro academy (placement oriented consultancy, u hve to pay money before the training & they place thecandidates95-100%)
10> Iprimed(placement oriented consultancy, u hve to pay money before the training & they place thecandidates95-100%)
11>NITEO IT (Take Money After Placement For Training Purpose)

Suprit Kumar Sahoo
July 5, 2016

Good evening sir,I am a 2015 passout student.I have done a course software testing,still i am not getting calls. I don’t have 60% throughout.what shall i do now? How is the future in android development?
please guide me sir..

Tarun Jain
July 5, 2016

Hello Suprit
Check The List Of These Companies And Apply For Them
Check Career Page And Try To Find Out which One Has A Vacancy :
For Android Try Palle Technologies Or ASIT Institute in Bangalore

September 2, 2016

Hello sir,
I am 2015 M.E ECE grad. I have completed course in .NET and PHP in Chennai. Still not placed in any companies. I have 70% through out except B.E(69%) . Shall i take exam on AMCAT or elitmus? if so which i can prefer to go??!! GUIDE ME..!!

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