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Finally got placed in virtusa. Feeling Happy. Thanks to Everyone.

Posted On 08-03-2016 At 01:01 PM

Prathyusha Amrutala
REF ID : 2588
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Hello Everyone,

I am A . Prathyusha,I completed my MCA in Sir CRR college of Engineering , Eluru.

Recently I have attended a off campus drive conducted by VIRTUSA at Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology , Hyderabad on 27thfeb 2016.

Now I would like to share my experience with you, which I had during the interview.

Virtusa Selection procedure consisted of 3 rounds:


Ist Round:

Technical online test consists of 50 questions no negative marking was there. The questions were mainly asked from java along with SQL, RDBMS, software engineering and UML.
VIRTUSA interviews are done mainly on JAVA.The java questions from only core java(oops concepts , Strings , Collection Framework , Exception Handling , Threads). Coming to DBMS, the questions are related to SQL queries. Most of the questions from joins. Coming to uml, they asked about the uml notations .There is a less focus on software testing, but basics should be clear and we have to know about types of testing and by whom the testing’s are done in real world. And also SDLC Phases.The time given for these 50 questions is 50 minutes.
The test is followed by one java program. The time given for the program is 20 minuits.Program will be quite basic.Input and output info they gave. Exact output won’t be checked,try to make the program as accurate as possible. The program mainly from strings ,collestions and known programs like prime , palindrome , fibanoccietc..If you have basic knowledge of these concepts you can easily clear this round.

Technical round:
HR asked my resume and asked about myself. I told. They started asking questions.

Sir :Class definition.
Me : Told.
Sir :Object definition.
Me : Told.
Sir : How can you differentiate class and object.
Me : simply wrote one java program and explained clearly.
Sir :These one and half year what you are doing.
Me :I am 2014 passout .Told some reasons.
Sir : Final keyword.
Me : Told.
Sir : static keyword.
Me : Told.
Sir :Abstract.
Me : Told.
Sir :SDLC phases.
Me : Told.
Sir :write a program which I got in the written test.
Me : I Wrote the program.
Sir :You know SQL.
Me : yes sir I know little bit(with doubt face).
Sir :can you write simple queries.
Me :yersir,I told confidently but sir didn’t ask any question.
Sir :you can leave…..
Me : Thank you sir…..

HR Round :

Me : Good Afternoon mam
Mam : Yeah Good Afternoon. Take your seat.
Mam :Tell me about yourself.
Me :Told
Mam : mam also told about herself.
Mam :Tell me about u r main project?
Me :Explained clearly.
Mam :where you can use this project?
Me :Told
Mam :There are so many projects available in the market. What is the use of your project
Me :I told the advantages of my project. I took one example and explained.
Mam :Tell me about u r mini project.
Me :Told.
Mam :tell me about u r family?
Me :Told
Mam :What u r doing?
Me :told
Mam :Aout u r mother?
Me :Told
Mam :About u r siblings?
Me :Told
Mam :And asked so many questions about my family in depth.
Me :Told
Mam :What r the improvements in yourself.
Me :Told(communication)
Mam :Why:
Me : Told the reason. From 1st to 10th class I studied in telugu medium.(lots of discussion is going on here)
Mam :what u want to improve in your college?
Me :Told.
Mam :Why you can choose it industry?
Me :Told
Mam :These two years onwards wat r u doing?
Me :Told
Mam :You can go……..
Me :Than you mam………………
Nearly 40 minuits the hrroung is going on. I feel so tense but still I try to answer all the questions.
After 2 hours, one of the recruitment member came out with the list of some members and announced. Luckily I am one of them.

Be confident all the time never give up.


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