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Success is finally mine .Got placed in huawei company after 1.5 years

Posted By Prashant Sharma
Posted On 16-04-2017 At 09:31 AM
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Ref Id :18133
#SelectedForCapgemini #HoliGift for family #BackToDelhi

Posted By Aadithya Patil
Posted On 11-03-2017 At 04:59 PM
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Ref Id :15728
Happy To Share This News ๐Ÿ˜€ One More Student Got Placed At IBM

Posted By Tarun Jain ( Admin )
Posted On 25-02-2017 At 11:12 PM
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Ref Id :14915
After one year struggle and hardship finally i got selected in IBM

Posted By Antony Smartzz
Posted On 20-02-2017 At 11:22 PM
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Ref Id :14630
Selected for IBM big thanks to Tarun sir , Sandeep sir and team for help

Posted By Vijay Saxena
Posted On 15-02-2017 At 08:01 PM
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Ref Id :14296
#finallyGotPlaced tarun sir want to thnk u finaly selectd in UTC aerospace company

Posted By Monisha Mallarapu
Posted On 31-01-2017 At 11:00 AM
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Ref Id :13567
Hey everyone . I got placed in EMC and therfore m gonaa share ma experience .

Posted By Vidhesh Singh Negi
Posted On 08-01-2017 At 09:08 AM
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Ref Id :12553