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Capgemini Preparation Material

Posted On 04-10-2016 At 12:41 AM

Tarun Jain ( Admin )
REF ID : 10164

Hello GoFresher Members , Sorry For Posting This Information So Late At Night But I Hope Those Of You Who Are Reading This Will Find It Helpful


1) Pattern -> Shared On Interview Experience By A Candidate (Drive Help On 27th September 2016)


Sir , I would like to share my Interview experience of Capgemini which happened on 27th Sep, 2016. We had some pre-placement talk for almost one hour. Capgemini people who came to the recruitment process and gave some brief information regarding the company, company targets, company mission’s, all those things.

Here, mainly 3 rounds are there,

1) Written Round + Essay writing.
2) TR.
3) HR.

Coming to written round, questions were damn easy. Even the normal student can clear this round. All questions were very basic. Some decent practise is more than enough to clear this round. Total 32 questions. 50 min. Quant 16 and reasoning 16.

After you complete round, result of your written test will not come. Directly essay writing box will be open. This was where 90% of my college students were rejected. My essay was Homework in schools should be banned. You have to write 300 to 350 words in 30 min.

Don’t worry about quant and reasoning. Very easy. Do worry about essay writing. Remember the basic rules to writing essay and important point is the entire essay should be in one tense. I wrote the entire essay in present tense. If you use more than one tense in your essay writing, make a note that you will not clear this round.

Essay topics also very simple and basic topics like health vs wealth, role of sports in career, Alcohol should be banned like that. Remember the basic rules and do well. If you clear this round, You win 80% of battle.

Results were declared within 15 min and Selected students asked to come for TR at 2:00 clock with all mark lists and certificates and xerox.

In TR: Here also asked very basic questions regarding C. If you are from non-CSE then have s good knowledge on your projects and Paper presentations you have given and whatever you put in your resume. If you are CSE student, they ask C, Java, Database and so many lang. For non-CSE fellows, questions were asked from the resume. So prepares good CV and prepare everything you kept in your resume.

HR round is just for formality. In this round, they used to test your communicational skills, how well you answer the questions.That’s it. Capgemini is very easy to crack. Prepare all models of apt which is there on this website and read all HR questions from this site. You will crack the Capgemini. I got rejected in TR

All the best.



Hello Readers,

We had an on campus drive on 13th September 2016. The process took place in three rounds. The eligibility is for CSE/IT/ECE with a minimum of 60% in the career.

ROUND:1 Written Test – We had our test through COCUBES. It consists questions from Aptitude and Reasoning. The test lasts for 50 minutes and there is no sectional time limit. This section is easy to clear and after finishing the test you will be transferred to a new page where you have to write an essay with a minimum of 300 words in 30 minutes duration.

Among 350 students only 27 students were cleared the ROUND:1 and then for us they have verified our documents and given some forms to fill up and asked us to come for an interview on the next day.

ROUND:2 Technical Interview – TR was quite friendly with me and asked to tell me about myself and then he has gone through my resume and asked a few from it. Asked a few questions on my projects and a question on software development life cycle (SDLC).

ROUND:3 HR Interview – General HR questions like why should I hire you? why do you need this job? Does relocation is ok for you?

At last results were announced after 2 days and total 21 among 27 got selected and I am one of them 🙂


2) Preparation Material -> Please Go Through These Links To Get An Idea About The Placement Paper + The Types Of Questions Being Asked

August 2016 Capgemini Paper Pattern (1) : (Preferred)

August 2016 Capgemini Paper Pattern (2) : (Preferred)

Aptitude General : (Preferred)


3) Interview Questions : You Will get An Idea About The Interview Process Through The Candidate Experience .

You Can Also Go Through This Link To Know More :,9_KO10,27.htm



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  1. Syed zabi, October 4, 2016:

    Thankyu tarun sir….
    But the above patterns are old… Now they are following cocubes pattern.. Pls enlighten us on it.
    Also from the first candidate experience how do we write a essay in one tense.

  2. Tarun Jain, October 4, 2016:

    The general rule for all essays–and any other type of writing–is to pick a tense and stay consistent. Shifting verb tenses is one of the most distracting things for a reader to endure; write in one tense and change tenses only to indicate a shift in time or some dramatic purpose.It is like telling someone what happened .. you do not change past to present and present to future .. for Cocubes pattern of paper you can refer :

  3. s.yamuna, October 4, 2016:

    On 23 rd of dis mnth,i hv capgemini am nt good n aptitude.pls suggst me how to prepare..

  4. neha singh, October 4, 2016:

    @Tarun sir, do u have any idea when… capgemini conducts its offcampus drive for 2016 batch in pune region….

  5. Tarun Jain, October 4, 2016:

    Hello Neha ,
    Whenever there is a drive it is updates here
    just check this link and enter the name of the city
    if there is a drive it will show

  6. Tarun Jain, October 4, 2016:
  7. Madhumani 2421, October 18, 2016:

    Hii,I am madhumani
    I am a bsc student. I have capgemini drive on 28 and 29 october..soo plse suggest me how to prepare for my technical round

  8. Madhumani 2421, October 18, 2016:

    I also want the topics that will be for aptitude exam

  9. Tarun Jain, October 18, 2016:
  10. Tarun Jain, October 18, 2016:

    According To Latest Process , Aptitude Consists Of The Following
    Co-cubes paper Level … Quant + reasoning n essay on a topic. Min 200 words…

  11. Shruti Hegdekar, October 20, 2016:

    Is the drive held in brindavan college on 23rd coz when I called college pple they told it’s fake news

  12. Shruti Hegdekar, October 20, 2016:

    Anyone plz confirm

  13. Madhumani, November 5, 2016:

    Plse send me some recent capgemini papers link

  14. Madhumani, November 5, 2016:

    I heard that if one paper is set it wont be changed for 2 to 3 years and the qstns will be almost repeated…and capgemini has changed their pattern this year…so if i get capgemini papers that finished recently it might help to my preparation…soo plse send me some papers that finished recently

  15. Madhumani, November 5, 2016:

    Plse respond anyone i have capgemini drive on 8th…plse help me

  16. Tarun Jain, November 5, 2016:
  17. Tarun Jain, November 5, 2016:

    Best Of Luck For Your Drive

  18. Tarun Jain, January 20, 2017:

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