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Got Selected For Tech Mahindra .. Sharing Experience & Interview Process

Posted On 30-09-2016 At 11:06 AM

Ankush Nagendra Nath
REF ID : 10052

Guys yesterday… I am selected for Tech mahendra… In off campus drive.. So am i Happy now…thank u very one who help me to reach my destination…… Any how the interview process get changed guys. O am going share with u That……

1.Online test
2.Essay writing
3.Technical F2F

It consists of total 6 sections. All the sections should be attempt. Don’t leave any one. For every section there will be cut off marks and over all cut off. Total 75 questions… 50 mins time….. No negative marks… After submit of exam, result will display on the screen whether u r qualified or not.

2. Essay writing

After 1st round. U have to continue the 2nd round at the same time by click on ok button.. Essay should have 1200 characters and time 15 mins… Beware of rules in this section… No spelling mistakes and no sms typing guys…. After completion wait for results..

Technical F2F:
This is important round if u performed well i will get the job easily.. They looks at ur skills and also communication…. I am from EEE Branch… Fst she asks me about my self, my education details, projects did in Btech…… I explain very thing neatly on the paper……. Like architecture of 8051….. I mention in my resume i know java and C….. She asked me whether u r good in programing or not…. I said i am good at java.. She asked to write a program on Fibonacci series…. And by luck i know that program neatly and present that on the paper…… She impressed with my performance and moved me to further round.

4.HR round

Out of all this is my favourite because she is flexible…. Fst we discuss all personal things about me, family, college, interests like that.. And then….. Professional.. She obey some times and may not some times for my answers…. At finally she joke me u can leave today…. I got nervous fst and she said dont afraid i am selecting but u have to give better performance than this in office ……

Thanked to God , my parents & tarun sir

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  1. Tarun Jain, September 30, 2016:

    Congratulations Ankush on your placement in tech mahindra and thank you for sharing your experience with us ..

  2. Gaurav Rajpal, September 30, 2016:

    u r best Tarun Sir

  3. mansi gajraj, September 30, 2016:

    what is the package of tech mahindra??????/

  4. Arya Avinash, September 30, 2016:

    Hey Ankush what was the topic given for essay writing??

  5. akshita agarwal, September 30, 2016:

    Hey Ankush, did you take your exam in Kolkata? Actually, I am waiting for my result!

  6. Ankush Nagendra Nath, September 30, 2016:

    hey mansi i do not know exact package right now but should be around 2.2 – 2.5 lpa in hand
    topic for essay ( Arya ) ” Participation of youth in politics “

  7. Ankush Nagendra Nath, September 30, 2016:

    we had to ensure that there are no grammatical and spelling mistakes. we should not use SMS language

  8. Ankush Nagendra Nath, September 30, 2016:

    drive location was Bangalore

  9. Tarun Jain, September 30, 2016:

    Guys ( 2016 Batch Only ) .. go through this post if you were not able to apply previously :

  10. vinay puttaraju, September 30, 2016:

    Hey Ankush ,did u get mail regarding the selection ?

  11. akshita agarwal, September 30, 2016:

    Okay! Anyone who has attended the drive in Kolkata and received their result?

  12. Hari Ronaldo, September 30, 2016:

    Hey ankush….did they conducted all the rounds on the same day

  13. Ankush Nagendra Nath, September 30, 2016:

    i was told by the HR at the end no mail has been received by me yet

  14. Ankush Nagendra Nath, September 30, 2016:

    all rounds were conducted on same day

  15. vinay puttaraju, September 30, 2016:

    Even I got selected yesterday and the HR said that we will get a mail but till now I haven’t got it. Did anyone from Bangalore get the mail ?

  16. mahesh n, September 30, 2016:

    Congratulations Ankush

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